Dealing with Covid-19 during Jane's Walk

Canadians always look forward to getting outside as the weather warms up, and never more so than after two years of a pandemic!  Ottawa Public Health advises that outdoor activities are good for both physical and mental health and generally carry a lower risk of COVID transmission than indoor activities [1].  They recommend that people choose an activity where there is wider natural spacing, and to wear masks in situations where spacing is closer than six feet [2].

The Province of Ontario is cautiously and gradually easing public health and workplace safety measures with all remaining measures, directives and orders to end by April 27, 2022 [3].  There are no public health orders currently in effect [2].  At this point (April 6), Ottawa Public Health recommends that masks be worn in all situations where physical distancing of two metres (six feet) is difficult to maintain – indoors and outdoors [2]. Some outdoor spaces may include, but not limited to, benches, dugouts, and sidelines when physical distancing is not possible.

In the face of a new variant, the current recommendations from Ottawa Public Health seemed to us to be more prudent than the provinciai phase-out of safety measures.  In the interests of reducing the risk of transmission of Covid-19 during our walking tour activities, Jane's Walk Ottawa-Gatineau organizers have developed a set of guidelines that we believe will help reduce the risk.

View the Jane's Walk Covid-19 guidelines

Please consider your own situation when deciding whether to attend Jane's Walk.  If you are showing symptoms of Covid infection, please stay at home.  Ottawa Public Health encourages recreational activity but strongly advises participants to consider their own personal circumstances and risk factors including risk for exposure to the COVID-19 virus when making decisions about going out and participating in sports and recreation programs [2]. 


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