Jane's Walk is about getting close to your city, about getting out and observing, meeting your neighbours, discovering new areas of the city, and learning about the urban landscape, streetscape, buildings, parks, public art and monuments, and the details of daily existence that weave together into the fabric of our urban life.  Sharing our passion for the city through events like Jane's Walk helps knit people together into a strong and resourceful community, forging a sense of identity and belonging, and encouraging civic pride.

Jane's Walk is unique because these walking tours:

  • Cost nothing for participants and are given for free by the guides.
  • Encourage civic engagement and leadership:  anyone can offer a Jane's Walk by signing up on our website. We do the bulk of publicity and promotion, while the individual walk leaders determine the places and ideas they want to share.
  • Focus on personal stories, passions and observations:  the walks are led by locals who have a local take on what's important and interesting. The point is to share the things that excite us about our city. The focus goes beyond the standard take on architecture and design.
  • Impart a sense of community and belonging:  the walks are inclusive, friendly, and interactive.  Participants join in with their own observations and reminiscences about the area.

Individuals, groups, and organizations are invited to participate in Jane's Walk by organizing and leading walks or as by joining in as walkers. Walk leaders select their own routes, points of interest, stories, and ideas about a neighbourhood, park, route, etc., that they have a connection to. The schedule of tours for the Jane's Walk weekend will be provided on the Jane's Walk Ottawa-Gatineau schedule page, (here), or click on "Schedule" in the left hand menu. The schedule lists the walks being offered in French and English.  Click on a walk in the list for a description and to find out  the starting time, starting point, route, and tour leader of the walk.