When we see an article about Jane Jacobs or Jane's Walk, we'll post it here.

Links from 2017:

Tobi Nussbaum, Rideau-Rockcliffe Councillor blog, May 8, 2017.  Photos from Tobi's May 6 walk in Lindenlea, including views of the neighbourhood, the four walk leaders, and participants.  The pop-up shelter was a real benefit given the weather that morning.  Cheers to everyone who braved the weather to come out!

JanesWalkOtt twitter log.  Latest tweet by Jane's Walk Ottawa (Laura Mueller) at 4:47, May 7, 2017.

allsaints Event Space, May 7, 2017.  In our backyard--What's up in Sandy Hill.   "We are a sponsor of Jane's Walk."

CBC News, May 6, 2017.  Fun, free things to do.  Jane's Walk Ottawa-Gatineau.  Posted by CBC News staff. 

CBC In Town & Out, May 6, 2017.  Interview with JW organizer Angela Plant, which reviewed the walks available this year.  Interviewed by show host Giacomo Panico.  On this same show, there was an ongoing interview with Dennis van Staalduinen as he was made up to lead his walk as Sir John A. Macdonald, but this does not seem to have been archived, as it was interleaved with other segments as the show (and the make-up) progressed. 

CKCU, Friday Special Blend, May 5, 2017.  Interview with Dennis van Staalduinen & Jennifer Stelzer on Jane's Walk.  Hosts:  Susan Johnston, Amanda Jette Knox, & Bob LeDrew.

City of Ottawa Doors Open Schedule (not dated).  Jane's Walk tour of the National House of Prayer.   La Maison nationale de prière : Visite guidée par la Promenade de Jane.  Posted by Jane's Walk Ottawa-Gatineau.

Apt613.ca, May 4, 2017.  Leave the car at home and explore Ottawa with Jane's Walk.  by Kiersten Viorimaki.  Note also comment from Paul Hannon inviting people to his walk.  The article highlights three walks near the Central Experimental Farm, as well as walks in the Byward Market, Lebreton Flats, Sandy Hill, Beechwood Cemetery, and the Pinhey Sand Dunes.  The Foodie Walk on Gladstone, the walk by Indigenous Walks, and walks on edible urban plants are also mentioned. 

Heritage Ottawa Facebook page, May 4, 2017.  Jane's Walk Ottawa this weekend May 6-7.  

Safe Wings Ottawa events page.  (post not dated).  Jane's Walk:  Birds & Buildings.  

Green Living Ottawa, May 4, 2017.  Jane’s Walk Ottawa 2017 Posted by Denise Deby.

Metro News, May 3, 2017.  Your guide to 2017 Jane's Walk in Canada's big cities.  by David Hains.   The article specifically mentions the walks in Lindenlea, the Elgin Street Redesign, and the Little Free Libraries in the Glebe. 

OttawaStart, May 3, 2017.  Our picks for Jane's Walk 2017.  Posted by OttawaStart Staff. 

Ottawa Tool Library, May 3, 2017.  Jane's Walk at the Ottawa Tool Library.  by Tool Master. 

OttawaCommunityNews.com, May 2, 2017.  Jane's Walk in Stittsville.  by John Curry.  Article highlights the two Stittsville walks on Saturday, May 6, and gives information on Jane's Walk Ottawa-Gatineau generally.

Carlington Community Association calendar, posted May 1, 2017.  Jane's Walk Ottawa – Designing our Cities for Health & Well-being.

Lowertown Community Association/Basseville Association Communautaire, April 28, 2017.  Jane's Walk in Ottawa!

Heritage Ottawa, April 22, 2017, website news page. Jane's Walk Ottawa to Feature More Than 50 Walks, May 6-7, 2017.  Heritage Ottawa is a sponsor of Jane's Walk Ottawa-Gatineau.

National Post, April 20, 2017.  Citizen Jane chronicles Jane Jacobs' battle for the city and what drove her activism.  Review by Chris Knight.  A version of this review was also published in the Ottawa Citizen on Apr 28 (No plain Jane here ).

Ottawa Biosphere Eco-City events calendar (post not dated).  Jane's Walk Ottawa-Gatineau 2017.    

evensi.ca, (post not dated).  Jane's Walk--La Promenade de Jane Ottawa-Gatineau.  

Stittsville Rotary calendar (post not dated). Jane's Walk at WJ Bell Rotary Peace Park.  by Theresa Qadri. 

Altimeter Films blog (post not dated).  Citizen Jane:  Battle for the City--Bytowne Cinema.   Re-post of the Bytowne Calendar information. 

StittsvilleCentral.ca, April 15, 2017.  A Pair of Jane's Walks Planned for Stittsville on May 6.  by Glen Gower.  Article highlights the two walks in Stittsville, and gives information on Jane's Walk Ottawa-Gatineau generally. 

OttawaStart, April 13, 2017.  Jane's Walk Ottawa looking for volunteers.

Bytowne Calendar, February 23, 2017.  Citizen Jane: Battle For the City.  Review by Owen Gleiberman, additional information on Jane's Walk  activities by Bruce White & Leigh Thorpe.  

Links from 2016:

Ottawa International Writers Festival, Oct 22, 2016, noon.  Jane Jacobs and the Livable City. A discussion with Nathan Storring and Robert Kanigel.  Moderator:  Joanne Chianello (CBC Radio).

Atlantic Magazine, November 2016 issue, The Pr ophecies of Jane Jacobs, by Nathaniel Rich.  A review looking at four recent books on Jane Jacobs. 

Stittsville Central Blog, May 11, 2016. What Would Jane Jacobs Think of Stittsville Main Street? , by Glen Gower. 

Sarah Gelbard, May 8, 2016.  Jane's Walk:  Brutal Ottawa.  Sarah's description of her walk on the so-called Brutalist style of architecture in Ottawa, including the NAC, many federal government office buildings, and the main branch of the Ottawa Public Library.  

Jane's Walk Ottawa Twitter log, #janeswalkott. 

CBC Ottawa Morning, May 6, 2016.  Interview with Nico Koenig and James Chan , on their walk looking at the surprising locations of parking lots in downtown Ottawa.  Interview by Hallie Cotnam.

Green Living Ottawa, May 6, 2016.  Jane's Walk Ottawa-Gatineau , by Denise Deby. 

Toronto Star, May 6, 2016.  At 100, Jane Jacobs more relevant than ever, by Alex Ballingall.  

Boston Globe, May 6, 2016.  The Deification of urbanist Jane Jacobs, by Alex Beam. 

Ottawa Citizen, May 5, 2016. Sandy Hill's All Saints church re-made into community hub , by Matthew Pearson. 

Ottawa Metro, May 5, 2016. Jane's Walk weekend explores Ottawa from ground level, by Emma Jackson. 

Heritage Ottawa, May 4, 2016.  Jane's Walk Features More Than 40 Walks This Weekend.  Heritage Ottawa is a sponsor of Jane's Walk Ottawa. 

OSCA:  Old Ottawa South Community Association, May 4, 2016. 
Jane's Walk:  May 7 & 8, 2016.  

New York Daily News, May 4, 2016, Jane Jacobs' Legacy to a Grateful City, by Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City. 

CityLab blog, May 4, 2016.  The Jane Jacobs Century , by Roberta Brandes Gratz.  

Curbed blog, May 4, 2016.  Jane Up North, by Shawn Micallef.

Canada's Anglo-Celtic Connections, May 4, 2016.  Jane's Walk Ottawa, by John D. Reid.

Spacing Ottawa, May 1, 2016.  Jane's Walk Ottawa-Gatineau, May 6-8, by Spacing. 

Ottawa Community News, Apr. 29, 2016. Jane's Walk Ottawa offers something for all, by Michelle Nash Baker. 

freeactivities.ca, Mar 26, 2016.  Jane's Walk Ottawa 2016--Free Tours of Ottawa, by Frederic.

Links from 2015 (some links may be obsolete or broken): 

Spacing Ottawa, Jane's Walk 2015:  3 Walks in Ottawa.  by Chris Ryan.  Reviews of "Worker's History Museum Labour History Walking Tour," led by Bob Hatfield, "Uptown Rideau:  Main Street Interrupted," led by Chris Bradshaw and Peter Ferguson, and "Illustrating Change on Bank Street" led by Colin White and Liam Mooney.

Jane'sWalkOtt twitter feed.  Latest tweet May 18, 2015 by Laura Mueller.

yowLAB Blog, May 12, 2105.  JanesWalkOtt: Bank on change/change on Bank.  by Sarah Gelbard. A review of the Illustrating Change on Bank St. walk, led by Colin White.

Ottawa Public Library Branch News, 9 May 2015.   Jane's Walk at the Beaverbrook Library, by Jennifer.  Includes a list of books on Jane Jacobs, Cities, and Walking & Pedestrianism.

yowLAB Blog, May 8, 2105.  JanesWalkOtt: Return to the Glebe.  by Sarah Gelbard. A review of the Rideau Canal in the Glebe walk led by John Walsley.

yowLAB Blog, May 7, 2105. JanesWalkOtt: Byward history coming attractions.  by Sarah Gelbard.  A review of the Byward Market walk led by Barry Padolsky.

yowLAB Blog, May 5, 2015.  JanesWalkOtt: Jane’s Walk(ing Dead) by Sarah Gelbard. A review of the Cimetière Notre-Dame d’Ottawa : espace sacré, espace social et lieu de mémoire walk led by Jean Yves Pelletier.

Ottawa Citizen, May 3, 2015.  A Jane's Walk on the wild side with a glimpse into the lives of the homeless, by Bruce Deachman.

CBC, May 2, 2015.  Jane's Walk Otawa takes over the capital this weekend.     Links to the audio on all the CBC program coverage for Jane's Walk Ottawa:  In Town and Out, Ottawa Morning, and All in a Day.  Hear it all here.   Interviews include:   Jessa Runciman interviewing Brian MacDougall, who led the walk on "An Unauthorized History of Parliament Hill", Hallie Cotnam interviewing Jim Magwood, the teacher advisor for the student-led walk "Space Walk:  Ottawa-Carleton Educational Space Simulation" (Robin Bresnahan, host of Ottawa Morning is also heard), and Alan Neal interviewing Dennis Van Staalduinen about his walk "Necropolis Now."  Links to audio.

1310 News, 1 May 2015.  Jane's Walk explores Ottawa's Neighbourhoods, by News Staff.  

colinwhite.ca, 30 April 2015.  Jane's Walk Ottawa.  Illustrating Change on Bank Street by Colin White

Metro News, 30 April 2015.  Jane's Walk Ottawa offering tours on everything from history to edible plants, by Haley Ritchie.

My Kemptville Now Blog, April 30, 2015. Burritts Rapids encourages residents to join Jane’s Walk May 2-3, bu Diana Fisher.

Wingd.ca Blog, 29 April 2015.  Jane's Walk Ottawa.

Ottawa Citizen: City Hall Blog:  Jane's Walk and Talk, April 28, 2015, by Matthew Pearson. 

Ottawa Start, 28 April 2015,  Suggestions for this weekend’s Jane’s Walks (May 2-3), by Denise Denby.

Ottawa Community News, 27 April 2015.  Jane's Walk making inroads across the city, by Alex Robinson.

Burritt's Rapids Community Association. Posting not dated.  Jane's Walk

Ottawa, Canada's Capital. Posting not dated.  Jane's Walk Ottawa.

Tobi Nussbaum, City Councillor's Blog, community updates.  Posting not dated.  Jane's Walk Ottawa  May 2-3, 2015

Jean Cloutier, City Councillor's Blog, events. Posting not dated.  Jane's Walk Ottawa.

Scott Moffatt, City Councillor's Blog. Posting not dated.  Jane's Walk--Burritt's Rapids.

Shad Qadri, City Councillor's Blog. Posting not dated, Lead a Jane's Walk in your neighborhood.

Friends of Petrie Island, events.  Posting not dated.  Jane's Walk:  Turtles at Petrie Island

Ottawa Festivals/Festivals d'Ottawa. Posting not dated.    'Jane's Walks' to Celebrate Ottawa, Jane Jacobs, by Maria Cook.  There is a link to Maria's Ottawa Citizen article.

Canada Green Building Council, Ottawa Region Chapter, events.  Posting not dated.  Jane's Walk.

Wellington West events calendar.  Posting not dated.  Jane's Walk.

Old Ottawa South Community Association, events calendar.  Posting not dated.  Jane's Walk:  Central Experimental Farm.   

Glebe Community Events Calendar. Posting not dated.  Jane's Walk Ottawa.  Click on Jane's Walk in the calendar for details.

CKCU-FM, A Luta Continua, 24 April 2015.  Interview with Leigh Thorpe & Jasmine Tranter about Jane's Walk Ottawa.  Host:  Monique Fuller.   Link to audio.

yowLAB Blog, April 22. 2015.  Jane’s Walk Ottawa: May 2-3 by Sarah Gelbard

Blog Post on The Molly & Claude Team, April 17, 2015, by Claude Jobin.  Jane’s Walk.

Workers History Museum, events, 15 March, 2015.    Jane's Walk 2015.

Links from 2014 (some may be obsolete or broken):

Ottawa Citizen, June 5, 2014 (updated June 8), Doors Open Ottawa:  The things you really must see this weekend by Matthew Pearson.  It was great to be part of one of the 'top ten' recommendations by the Ottawa Citizen.   Fleck-Paterson House and Michel Prevost's tours were the second item.

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