Celebrating Caroline Andrew's Support for Jane's Walk

University of Ottawa Professor Emeritus Caroline Andrew passed away recently at the age of 80. Prof Andrew was a key supporter of Jane's Walk Ottawa (as it was in the early days), and along with Michel Prévost was instrumental in establishing the on-going relationship between Jane's Walk Ottawa-Gatineau and the University of Ottawa.

When we were first invited to organize an Ottawa event for Jane's Walk more than fifteen years ago years ago, Caroline Andrew was one of the first people we contacted at the University of Ottawa, where she was Dean of Social Sciences. Her immediate enthusiasm and support for Jane's Walk contributed greatly to the ongoing participation of the university, particularly in highlighting the ‘green’ dimension of the campus and more specifically the landmark features of the LEED-certified Social Science Building. We met in her office there on several occasions. On occasion, Caroline led a tour through the Social Sciences Building, sharing her pride in the building with many participants of Jane's Walk. 

Ottawa University Press has recently published a book celebrating Caroline Andrew’s contribution to research on the importance of community connections and engagement, entitled La ville inclusive : dans les pas de Caroline Andrew, edited by Anne GilbertGuy Chiasson. We note these lines from the book’s website: “In this volume, specialists in urban studies offer their own opinions on contemporary urbanity in the wake of [Prof. Andrew’s] trail-blazing research. La ville inclusive . . . acts as a multi-disciplinary meeting place in which to discuss the over-riding challenge of togetherness in a world that is increasingly urbanized and fragmented.” 

During our 2023 walking tour festival this coming May, Jane’s Walk Ottawa-Gatineau hopes to celebrate Caroline Andrew’s contribution to the success of Jane’s Walk in Ottawa and Gatineau as well as her legacy of research on the inclusive city and community life in general. 

On-line obituaries for Prof Andrew: Globe & Mail Ottawa Citizen

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Book website: English: https://press.uottawa.ca/en/9782760337732/la-ville-inclusive/

Site web de livre en Français en français : https://press.uottawa.ca/fr/9782760337725/la-ville-inclusive/