2017—Jane's Walk Ottawa-Gatineau <p> La promenade de Jane Ottawa-Gatineau

Fri May 5, 2017 - Sat May 6, 2017

Walks will take place rain or shine!  The weather is calling for rain tomorrow, with light wind, the high will be 19 C.  On Sunday, maybe less rain, but cooler (high of 6 C), so dress accordingly.  

Note:  Several walks have been cancelled due to flood conditions.  If you would like to help with flood response, you can find out more at the following websites:
http://www.gatineau.ca/portail/default.aspx?p=la_ville/salle_medias/communiques/communique_2015&id=1494074469 http://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/heres-how-to-volunteer-help-with-flooding-in-ottawa-and-gatineau

The schedule is now firm.  We will not change start times or starting places without clearly flagging that there has been a change. (Note that we already cancelled a couple of walks because of local flooding/extremely wet conditions.)  

L'horaire est maintenant confirmé.  Si d'autres changements survirnnent, nous le signalerons..  Quelques promenades ont été annuleés à cause de la pluie.

If you are new to Jane's Walk:  .  

  • the walks are offered free to the public
  • scroll down on this page to see the interactive map and the list of walks
  • to see the detailed description of a walk, click on the walk title in the list, or on a marker on the interactive map—each walk has a box giving the logistics, along with a text description and photo describing the content and route details.  
  • for most walks, just show up at the starting place at the appointed time. A few walks require you to sign up; instructions and links are given on that walk's page.

Download the timeline here:   Download pdf.   
Pour télécharger l'horaire chronologique, cliquez ici.
(Updated version; if you downloaded a copy before 2 pm Thursday, please note that the Bank St. Glebe walk takes place on Sunday).


Note:  The map below is interactive, that is, you can zoom in or out and click on the locations to open the associated walk description.  Some walks may be outside the area that shows by default and others are stacked on top of each other. Play with the zoom to see the full range of walks! 

Self Guided & Virtual Walks

Jane's Walk Ottawa-Gatineau also has a number of walks that you can do on your own. Check them out!