Jane's Walk strives to be inclusive, and we make an effort to include information that would be helpful to participants who are using wheelchairs, mobility scooters or who many be pushing a stroller. We do not label particular walks as "accessible" or "not accessible," but rather try to provide information to potential walkers, so they can size up the situation for themselves. After all, you know better than we do what you will be able to cope with.

Walk leaders are asked to describe any aspect of their route that might present an obstacle to someone using a wheelchair, a mobility scooter, or pushing a stroller. Is there anything about the tour route that might make it difficult for some people? Is the tour route accessible for people using wheelchairs or scooters? Think about whether there are stairs, unpaved paths, grassy surfaces, steep inclines, etc. There are two places this information can be captured: a concise statement about the accessibility, given at the bottom of the logistics box, beneath the guide's name, the starting point, etc. This might say something like 'The walk will follow city sidewalks" or 'The walk will cross grassy areas and a few steps." If more information or a longer explanation is needed, details may be given as part of the Route description. A work-around may be provided, such as a route to by-pass steps.

If there is information missing, we apologize. Let us know so we can do better next time. Do keep in mind that everyone contributing to Jane's Walk is a volunteer.