Heron Park: It could happen here

How is Heron Park going to change over the next ten years? We want to take a walk around a few parts of the neighbourhood to point out what is changing now, and what might happen in the future. There are three huge benefits to joining us on this walk:

Meeting People:
Meet the people that make Heron Park a great neighbourhood, especially if you’re a new neighbour and you don’t know everyone yet.

Learn about what makes good development:
Developers are going to want to build here, because it’s a great place to live. What should the neighbourhood focus on when evaluating new plans, where should we challenge and what should we promote?

Learn about the Bank St renewal:
Bank St is going to be redesigned to make it friendlier to people, what do we want out of that, and what should the city know about?



We'll meet at the NE corner of Bruce Timmermans  Park, at the corner of Banks St and Rockingham Ave.  From there, we'll go generally south on Bank St, then across Heron Road and west to Kaladar Ave, ending at the Overflow Brewery.   We will take a few detours into the neighbourhood.

We'll make multiple stops during the walk to point out interesting parts of the neighbourhood, future developments, transportation options, and whatever else people want to discuss.  Bring your questions and experiences to share.  

The route takes city sidewalks the whole way. The walking route along Bank may not be comfortable for all participants, because of the closely passing traffic and assoicated traffic noise. 

About the walk leader

Mike Little and Reid Shepherd are both members of the Heron Park Community Association’s planning and development committee. They’re both new to the neighbourhood and are looking for the community’s suggestions for what is important, and to inform the community about what is possible here, and what future changes might look like.


Mike Little and Reid Shepherd

Date:Sat May 4, 2019
Time:2:00 PM
Duration: 1 hour 30 min
Language: English
Start:Rockingham Ave. & Bank St, \n NE corner of Timmermans Park
End:Overflow Brewery, 2477 Kaladar Ave
Area:Heron Park
Distance:2.0 kms

The walk will follow city sidewalks

Our starting point, at the tip of Timmermans Park, Bank St at Rockingham Ave. The Farm Boy Plaza south of Rockingham on Bank St.
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