LeBreton — A paddler's perspective

The walk will take us around Bronson Creek, the watercourse that serves as the output of the water driving the turbines in the Fleet Street Pumping Station.  We will point out key historical and architectural features of the pumping station and Bronson Creek, with an emphasis on the development of the paddling facility. 


We will meet in front of the Fleet Street Pumping Station (10 Fleet Street, at the east end of Pooley's Bridge.  The Pumping Station can also be accessed on foot from Commissioner St). 

The route will follow the sidewalks and pathways which encircle Bronson Creek. Most are paved. No public roads are crossed in this entire loop. There are some hills to walk up and down. 

There is street parking on nearby streets including Fleet St and Lett St east of Booth St.  There are also spaces on the east side of Commissioner St opposite the pumping station.  

About the walk leader

Doug is the president of the Ottawa River Runners Kayak Club. The club has developed a whitewater paddling facility in LeBreton Flats. 



Doug Corkery

Date:Sun May 5, 2019
Time:10:00 AM
Duration: 1 hour 30 min
Language: English
Start:Fleet St. Pumping Station, 10 Fleet St
End:Ottawa River Runners Clubhouse
Area:LeBreton Flats
Distance:2.0 kms

Hills and unpaved sections of the route will be challenging for wheelchairs & scooters. 

The Fleet Street Pumping Station
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