Time-line of Ottawa History

Wikipedia offers a fairly detailed article on the history of Ottawa, starting with the draining of the Champlain Sea 10,000 years ago, but covering mostly the last four centuries.  At the bottom of the page is a link to a time-line of Ottawa.  The time-line offers more than 150 entries, most of which give links to other wikipedia pages with detailed information on the topic of the entry.  

Some of the entires are the ordinary events that everyone knows took place but which we don't give much thought, like the founding of the Ottawa Rowing Club (but did you know that Sir John A. Macdonald was its first president?).  Other entires are well-known and are part of the popular history of Ottawa, such as the assassination of D'Arcy McGee.  Still others are real eye-openers:  the Stony Monday riot in 1849 had two political factions facing off in armed conflict at the Sapper's Bridge; in 1870, a forest fire burned all the way from Arnprior to Ottawa; and, during 1929, there were several mysterious explosions in the Ottawa sewer system.

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Highlights of the History of Ottawa time-line.  Image borrowed from Wikipedia.