Farm Science and the City

Photo:  Aerial view of the Central Experimental Farm, looking west

This walk explores the Western-half of the original 465-acre Central Experimental Farm, from the corner of Carling & Fisher to the NCC Farm pathway and then returning north up Ash Lane to Carling. We will explore the early history of science at the Farm as well the important links between the Farm at Ottawa and Canada's geographically diverse agricultural regions. 

 This walk will directly confront the challenges facing the Farm today as well as ongoing scientific research. Through these stories, I show that the Farm is worth preserving for future generations not only as an important greenspace within the city, but as a key station in Canada's agricultural research network. 

In case you attended this walk in previous years, you should note that the route and content have changed. There will be some overlap with past stories, but as we'll be traversing a completely different part of the Farm, much of the content will be new. 


Meet at the southeast corner of Carling Ave and Holland Ave.  From there, we'll walk south along the recreational pathway beside the NCC driveway and continue onto the dirt path through the old forestry belt.   From there, we'll go east along the NCC Farm pathway, north along Ash Lane (which, after a short dirt path to Carling continues as Parkdale Avenue) to Winding Lane, where the walk ends.

About the walk leader

Peter completed a PhD on the historical geography of the Farm's first half century (1886-1938) and is a member of the Coalition to Protect the Central Experimental Farm. 

The Coalition to Protect the Central Experimental Farm has a Facebook page here


Peter Anderson

Date:Sun May 6, 2018
Time:11:00 AM
Duration: 2 hours
Language: English
Start:SE corner, Carling & Holland
End:Carling & Parkdale
Area:Central Experimental Farm
Distance:2.0 kms

This walk follows paved and unpaved pathways.

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