Tunney's Pasture: The past and future!

Tunney's Pasture is so much more than a sprawling campus of government buildings. Come learn about the plans for Tunney's that came and went; the excitement of the new railroads; the proposed residential subdivisions (including one that partially built and soon after had to be dismantled); the shanty town that existed for 25 years; businesses and factories that came and went; and finally the arrival of the government buildings, including the infamous nuclear reactor. So much history in a 49 hectare piece of property! And yet, just as in the past, more significant change is coming to Tunney's! As we walk through and talk about the past, we'll also talk about the future, and the plans that are in store as part of the Tunney's Pasture Redevelopment project. Some members of the Neighbours for Tunney's group will be on hand to discuss what is in store, and what adjoining community members are advocating for as part of the redevelopment.

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We'll meet behind (north side) the Tunney's Pasture LRT station, at the intersection of the Tunney's Pasture Driveway and the Yarrow Driveway. We'll start out along the Yarrow Driveway, turn north on Goldenrod, and follow the road all the way around to Parkdale Avenue. From there, we'll go briefly south on Parkdale, turn west on Columbine Driveway and then south on Tunney's Pasture Driveway back to the LRT station.

Note: This walk has a higher limit on attendance than other walks. The walk is entirely out-of-doors, but participants may want to wear masks in any case, as social distancing may be more difficult given the group size. There will be extra amplification for the walk leader.

Accessibility: Our route will follow public sidewalks and paved roads within the Tunney's Pasture grounds.

Please review our covid guidelines before attending a walk.
Au sujet du guide

Dave Allston is a life-long and sixth-generation Kitchissippi resident, with a passion for hiscommunity, and in particular its history. He runs a local history website (the Kitchissippi Museum) and writes a monthly column for the local paper, the Kitchissippi Times. Dave is a regular contributor to mainstream media including CBC and the Ottawa Citizen.

Dave is a regular speaker on local history, and co-led a very well-attended Jane's Walk in Wellington Village in 2019. He has researched the history of Tunney's Pasture extensively over the last few years, and loves that it has a much deeper history than simply being a government campus. Dave has been a proud member of the local community group Neighbours for Tunney's for the last two years.

The Kitchissippi Museum

The Kitchissippi Times

Neighbours for Tunney's

Tara Ouchterlony is a member of Neighbours for Tunney's.


Dave Allston et Tara Ouchterlony

Date:dim 7 mai, 2023
Durée: 2 heures
Langue: anglais
Début:North side of Tunney's LRT station
Quartier:Tunney's Pasture
Distance:2.0 kms

The route will follow paved sidewalks and roads.

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Tunney's Pasture, 2022.  Photo by Harley D., a photographer living in Gatineau.  The photo was copied from Wikipedia.
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