If you're new to Jane's Walk Ottawa-Gatineau (and even if you're not), you may find the summary below helpful. 

If you are new to Jane's Walk:

•  the walks are free to attend
•  for most walks, just show up at the starting place at the appointed time. A few walks require you to sign up; these are clearly labelled with a heading indicating Sign Up or RSVP with instructions on how to do that.
•  the walks are held rain or shine


Navigating the schedule:

1.  The walks are listed in order of day and time at the bottom of the schedule page.  You can sort the walks by language, day, and area of town by selecting the settings you want from the boxes above the list.   

2.  The map at the top of the schedule page shows all walks as pins.  The map is interactive:  you can zoom in; putting your pointer on a map pin will show a pop-up of the walk title; you can click on a pointer and see the description for that walk. 

3.  Lower down on the schedule page, there is a list of all the walks for this year.  

New for this year: to work better with small screen devices, the list of walks are given in pages of ten.  Click on the successive page numbers to see the full list of walks. 

To see the detailed description of a walk in the list,  click on the walk title in the list.  The description for each walk has a box on the right with a summary of the logistics (who, when, where, etc), along with a text description and photo describing what the walk is about.  Below that are route details, a map showing the location of the starting point, a short bio of the walk leader(s), and a photo gallery.  These may be in a slightly different order on mobile devices. 

4.  Once the schedule is confirmed (usually Monday of the week leading up to Jane's Walk), start times or starting places will not be changed without clearly flagging that a change has been made. We don't expect to make many changes, but please check walk details close to the weekend to be sure you have the latest information (and remember to refresh your browser so you have the latest info!)   If we need to cancel a walk, it will be indicated in the walk title.  

5.  A printable "timeline" schedule will be available for download around Wednesday, May 1. This is a concise schedule of the weekend that plots the walks on a time grid showing the start time and approximate duration of each walk on each day.  The timeline will be downloadable as a pdf.

6.  Walks will take place rain or shine!  Check the weather report and dress accordingly.  If the weather is heavy, walk leaders may decide to take shelter in a coffee shop or pub for a lively discussion in place of the walk.