Remembering Canada's Military History — The Known and Unknown Around Beautiful Green Island

Green Island is one of the most beautiful spots in Ottawa. It is home to the former Ottawa City Hall and is surrounded by the Rideau River as it empties into the Ottawa with the falls that gave the river its name. Surprisingly, Green Island is also home to four military memorials which most people don’t know are there. They speak of well known people like John McRae, whose poem we all know. And they speak of forgotten Canadians in a forgotten war with the Mackenzie-Papienau memorial. As well as these four, there are four others just steps off the island, hidden away where you may never have noticed them. They all speak to how Canada, a peaceful nation, was shaped by conflict. They don't brag of the glory of war, but most often are dedicated to remembrance of loss. They speak of our desire that we never forget those who have sacrificed, and our hope that Canada remains a force for peace in the world. This tour will introduce you to these eight memorials. Walking back toward the Chateau Laurier along Sussex, we will pass another four memorials. 

As well as a bit of background for each, we'll talk about the artists who created the them and about the society that installed them. We'll also consider how the meanings of these memorials may have changed over time, and what they tell us today that may be different from what people who conceived, created, and installed them may have intended

Veterans and the families of veterans are invited to bring stories of their experiences to share.

Carte indiquant le point de départ

We will meet on Green Island and walk around the pathways there, then visit nearby memorials just off the island, and finally make our way down Sussex Ave. to The Chateau Laurier, where the walk will end.

Please review our covid guidelines before attending a walk.

Au sujet du guide

Rob Collins has a degree in History from uOttawa and is a Volunteer Interpreter at the Canadian War Museum. 

Having discovered that there was no definitive list of memorials related to Canada's martial history, Rob and other volunteers set out on a search to find all of those within walking or cycling distance around the downtowns of Ottawa and Gatineau. We have found more than fifty so far. 

Rob has shared some self-guided walks of military memorials in different parts of Ottawa. See Ottawa's Military Memorials under our self-guided walks.  

You can also find them all laid out for self-guided tours by bicycle at


Rob Collins

Date:sam 6 mai, 2023
Durée: 2 heures
Langue: anglais
Début:Artillery Memorial Green Island
Fin:Chateau Laurier
Quartier:Green Island to Chateau Laurier
Distance:3.5 kms

The walk will follow paved paths and city sidewalks.

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Memorial to Canadian Poet John McCrae, who wrote the poem "In Flanders Fields" National Artillery Monument, Green Island Mackenzie-Papineau memorial for Canadians who fought in the Spanish Civil War Ottawa Memorial on Green Island The CANLOAN Memorial honours Officers of the Canadian Armed Forces who died while serving with the British Army in WWII.
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