Reconciling History Tour at the Beechwood Cemetery

Cette promenade a également lieu en français.

Exploring the vast grounds of Beechwood Cemetery, this version of the tour program focuses not only on the History of Beechwood and those buried here, but more specifically on those who were involved with the Indigenous Community.

Those like Dr. Peter Henderson Bryce, who while working at Indian Affairs documented the health crisis in the Residential school system, and Nicolas Flood Davin who wrote the book ‘Industrial Schools for Indians and Half Breeds’ that was used as the foundation for creating the residential schools.


Beginning in 2014, Beechwood Cemetery, Funeral, and Cremation Services and the Beechwood Cemetery Foundation have collaborated with the Indigenous community to create the Reconciling History program. Beechwood has partnered with the First Nations Child & Family Caring Society and KAIROS Canada.

With the ultimate goal of education and awareness, Beechwood strives to show both sides of history by not excluding the impact many prominent Canadians buried in our grounds had on the Indigenous community. Choosing rather to highlight both their achievements and their short comings to provide a rounded view of history.


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The group will meet at the gazebo across from the Beechwood National Memorial Centre. Then proceed to visit the graves of: Peter Henderson Bryce, Duncan Campbell Scott, Olive Dickenson and Nicolas Flood Davin.

While most of the route is paved, there is a steep gravel hill to get down to the grave of Peter Henderson Bryce. Those not willing to go down the hill can let the guide know and they will repeat the information.

Please review our covid guidelines before attending a walk.


Date:sam 7 mai, 2022
Durée: 1 heure
Langue: anglais
Début:The gazebo near the main building
Fin:Main building
Quartier:New Edinburgh / Vanier
Distance:1.0 km

Most of the route is paved.

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Gazebo - Beechwood Cemetery - Cimetière Beechwood Beechwood Memorial Gardens - Jardins commémoratifs Beechwood — Main Buildings - Édifices principales An older section of Beechwood Cemetery
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