The Future of Stittsville Main Street

In our fifth Jane's Walk on Stittsville Main, we'll get a glimpse at how Stittsville has transformed over the past 150 years from a small railway village to a rapidly-growing suburban community in Ottawa. We'll focus on the future of the street, with a preview of shops and services coming soon as well as plans to improve the street for cyclists and pedestrians. As always, it will be a great opportunity to meet with neighbours and explore Stittsville's favourite street!

Carte indiquant le point de départ

Starting at Village Square Park, we'll head north to Beverly, then south to the pedestrian crosswalk, then north again to Village Square Park.


Please review our covid guidelines before attending a walk.

Au sujet du guide

Glen Gower is the City Councillor for Stittsville. This is his fifth walk for Jane's Walk exploring the history, changes, and plans for the future along Stittsville Main Street.


Glen Gower

Date:sam 7 mai, 2022
Durée: 1 heure
Langue: anglais
Début:Village Square Park
Fin:Village Square Park
Distance:1.75 kms

There are sidewalks along the entire route but they are narrow in spots.

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Stittsville Station, in Village Square Park Glen Gower, at the start of the Stittsville Main St walk in 2017 Stittsville Main St. walk, 2018 Stittsville Main St. walk, 2018 Stittsville Main Street (renamed from Main St following amalgamation). The first Jane's Walk along Stittsville Main St, 2016
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