Green Home Walking Tour

Join City of Ottawa staff as we walk through the McKellar and Highland Park neighbourhoods visiting homes that have made investments to improve their home's sustainability with the support of the City's Rain Ready Ottawa and Better Homes Ottawa programs. On this walk you'll have a chance to learn about ways to reduce stormwater runoff to keep the Ottawa River healthy while at the same time protecting your property from flooding using permeable pavements, soak-away pits, and rain gardens. You'll also learn about a range of home energy efficiency improvements, including the installation of cold-climate air source heat pumps, solar panels, and insulation.

Along the walk, participants will have the opportunity to interact with homeowners who have made changes, as well as speaking with the respective walk leaders about how the City can help them make sustainable investments in their property.

For more information, visit

Rain Ready Ottawa | City of Ottawa

Better Homes Ottawa | City of Ottawa

Carte indiquant le point de départ

We'll meet in Tillbury Park along Sherbourne Rd. west of Fraser Ave. From there, we will walk south to visit our first home that has made sustainability improvements. Following that, we will be proceed north to Fraser Avenue for the next stop. The walk will then proceed up Mansfield Avenue, visiting several homes that have installed permeable pavements along the way and speak with homeowners. From Byron Linear Park, the walk will continue north on Fraser Ave. to a last point of interest near Richmond Rd., where the walk will conclude.

Au sujet du guide

Connor manages the City of Ottawa's Rain Ready Ottawa program in his role as an Outreach and Communications Coordinator in the City's Climate Change and Resiliency Unit, The Rain Ready Ottawa Program is a new City initiative designed to support homeowners in dealing with the harmful impacts of stormwater runoff.

Aaron is an Outreach and Communications Coordinator in the City's Climate Change and Resiliency Unit. Aaron manages the City's Better Homes Ottawa loans program and supports communication efforts that are helping Ottawans reduce the carbon impact of their homes.


Connor Renouf et Aaron Thornell

Date:sam 4 mai, 2024
Durée: 1 heure 30 min
Langue: anglais
Début:Tillbury Park, on Sherbourne Rd, west of Fraser
Fin:Fraser Ave. near Richmond Rd.
Quartier:Highland/McKeller Park
Distance:2.0 kms

The walk will follow city streets and sidewalks except for visits to private properties, which may not be fully accessible.

Galerie d'images
This rain garden poster shows how the garden is designed to absorb rainwater into the ground. Driveway and walkway finished with permeable surface material to mitigate stormwater run-off. The sign indicates that this garden has been designed to absorb rain and minimize runoff. This rain garden provides an area with pebble mulch and contouring that help keep rainwater from becoming run-off before it can be absorbed.. This attractive driveway finish is permeable to reduce the amount of run-off. Solar panels installed on a residential roof. Fibreglass and other insulation materials can be used in the attic and outer walls of your home to reduce heat loss during the winter heating season as well as to better keep heat out in the summer. A cold-climate heat pump in use for the winter heating season.
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