Why Biodiversity Matters

Community-led stewardship volunteers in Kanata North are slowly transforming sections of noxious weeds and invasive plant species into wonderfully rich mini-meadows, filled with colourful native wildflowers for bees, butterflies, and people to enjoy in the Morgan's Grant Hydro Corridor. Our new demonstration garden contains twenty-four Ontario native plant species that increase biodiversity and support pollinators. It also serves as a site for people of all ages and backgrounds to come together to share knowledge and foster community.

The garden contains a mix of seedlings planted last September as well as winter-sown native wildflower seeds. Since we are visiting early in the season, some plants will be emerging and flowering, while others will just be starting to germinate and set down roots.

This Jane’s Walk will appeal to naturalists, gardeners, and those interested in exploring what it takes to build community. Participants are invited to share their thoughts and experiences on biodiversity and ecological restoration, as well as ways that we humans can “forge our differences” (borrowed from Denise Hamilton) into a more resilient future.

We will be hosting a Wild Pollinator Partners’ garden tour on July 6, 2024, when the restored areas are more established. Jane's Walk participants and friends are welcome to attend.

Please visit the Kanata North Regeneration Stewards website for more details on the work we are doing.

Carte indiquant le point de départ

Our walk will be more of a short stroll on an easily accessible paved path. We’ll meet at the Kanata North Pollinator Patch garden in the Morgan’s Grant Hydro Corridor, just south of the intersection of Klondike Rd. and Roy Errington Way.

We can explore other areas of the corridor depending upon the group’s interest.

Au sujet du guide

As a member of the Ottawa Stewardship Council, Lyndee Wolf leads the Kanata North Regeneration Stewards project. She is committed to expanding awareness about the importance of restoring and regenerating biodiversity and social cohesion.

Sadaf Aslam is a member of the Kanata North Regeneration Stewards and a co-leader for an ecological restoration project. She believes in Dr. Doug Tallamy's message, that urban and suburban spaces must play a vital role in supporting local eco-systems and conservation of biodiversity. Such spaces are not only beautiful but also "Nature's Best Hope".

A whole new world opened up for Alecia Frank after coming across native gardening in 2021. Since then, she's been sowing and sharing seeds and seedlings in an effort to spread the word about native plants and their powerful impact on the ecosystem. She is a member of the Kanata North Regeneration Stewards.


Lyndee Wolf, Sadaf Aslam et Alecia Frank

Date:dim 5 mai, 2024
Durée: 1 heure
Langue: anglais
Début:Kanata North Pollinator Patch garden
Quartier:Morgan's Grant in Kanata North
Distance:0.25 kms

The walk follows a paved pathway.

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Stepping stones on the path through the Kanata North Pollinator Patch in the Hydro Corridor through Morgan's Grant.  Info graphic on Kanata North Pollinator Patch plantings.
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