Six heritage trees in an urban 'hood

We will visit six majestic bur oak trees that will be coming into leaf.  Learn how Champlain Park 'hood has managed to get a provincial designation for these heritage trees—to date, the only such designations in Ottawa.  Discuss and strategize on ways to ensure heritage trees and all our natural heritage are recognized by the City of Ottawa as it reviews its tree by-law in 2019.

Carte indiquant le point de départ

Meet at Champlain Park, 149 Cowley Ave. Ottawa, near the fieldhouse. From there, we will walk south on Cowley to visit the first bur oak. We will walk west on Sunnymede Ave. and visit two bur oak trees on Keyworth Ave.  Our next stop will be two bur oak trees on Daniel Ave.  The final stop will be at the bur oak located on Clearview Ave at Patricia.

Note:   Three of the trees are located in backyards where access to the yard involves driveways with some slope and grassy, uneven terrain in the yards.

Au sujet du guide

Debra and Daniel are animators for the Champlain Oaks Project, which was launched in our small enclave within Kitchissippi Ward in 2010. Our neighbourhood project aims to protect and celebrate these massive bur oak trees that have grown in this part of the city for centuries, from acorns planted by squirrels and blue jays! 


Debra Huron et Daniel Buckles

Date:dim 5 mai, 2019
Durée: 1 heure
Langue: anglais
Début:Champlain Park, Cowley Ave.
Fin:Clearview & Patricia Aves
Quartier:Champlain Park
Distance:1.0 km

The route will take us up some slopes and grassy, uneven terrain..

Galerie d'images
The lovely leaves of a bur oak are kissed by summer sun. One of our Champlain oaks coming into leaf in the spring. Bur oak decorated with love notes
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