Booth St. District Redevelopment—How Heritage Evolution Will Impact Our Urban Environments

Set to be the next “hot spot” in Ottawa, the Booth District aims to blend heritage infrastructure with new development to create a dynamic and exciting area attractive to all users.  Previously occupied by the federal government as the laboratories and facilities for Natural Resource Canada, the Booth St complex was used for research and testing in a wide variety of desciplines related to mining and metallurgy, as well as the development of fuels, explosives, and economic minerals.

Upon completion, the re-development of the Booth District will represent a benchmark of how heritage sites can be developed to have a second life for people to live, work, and play.  

Come prepared to discuss your ideas, questions, and experience around what makes a good neighbourhood.  


Carte indiquant le point de départ

We'll meet on the south-west corner of Orangeville and Booth Streets.  From there, we will circumnavigate the block defined by Orangeville, Booth, Norman, & Rochester Streets.

Au sujet du guide

Molly is a Registered Professional Planner and Landscape Designer with Stantec Consulting Ltd.  She has worked on development projects in the areas of planning, urban design, and landscape architecture.  Her planning experience includes a wide array of projects ranging from federal, residential, institutional, commercial, and mixed use. Molly has provided public consultation tools and strategies for clients and the public across Canada.

Victoria is an Associate and the Cultural Heritage Lead at ERA Architects Inc., where she develops heritage conservation strategies and conservation management plans for historic places and urban areas. Victoria combines conservation experience in the private, public, and academic sectors. 


Molly Smith et Victoria Angel

Date:sam 4 mai, 2019
Durée: 1 heure
Langue: anglais
Début:South West corner, \n Orangeville & Booth Sts.
Quartier:Little Italy
Distance:1.0 km

The walk will follow city sidewalks. 

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Aerial view, block designated for re-development, looking northwest. Buildings shown in blue are designated as heritage. Booth St Complex—Concept Concept, looking southwest Envisioned streetscape along Booth St. Proposed site plan
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