Trillium MUP, Revisited: The New Spike of the Near West?

The future of urban Ottawa will emerge along the Preston/Trillium O-train corridor.

Five years ago, I hosted a walk looking at the (incomplete) Trillium Multi-Use Path as a new kind of linear public space and what it meant for a community that was evolving into a denser, even more-urban place. It remains an emerging spine of the neighboiurhood.

At the time, the area seemed on the cusp of major changes as proposals for tall new condos were under consideration. Five years later, it remains "on the cusp," with the tall building under construction and even taller buildings on the horizon.

This walk will revisit the route of that earlier walk, now that the main portion of the path is finished and the first phase of the LRT is nearly complete. Has density arrived yet?   Why or why not? What eventual density are we anticipating?  What have the various community design processes delivered? How has a pedestrian/cyclist-focused route affected how people think of a neighbourhood?  What will it mean for future developments?



Carte indiquant le point de départ

The walk will begin at the Carling O-Train Station, walking North along the Trillium Multi-Use Path (MUP) to Bayview Station. 

For those interested, the conversation can continue at a City Centre establishment (e.g. Beyond the Pale) afterwards.

Note: The route is a recreational pathway, separated from cars.  There are two road crossings at Beech St. and Gladstone Ave.  The path is relatively flat and paved, suitable for mobility devices and strollers.  

Au sujet du guide

Michael Powell is President of the Dalhousie Community Association and has been active in community issues for more than a decade. He bikes, does community radio, and wanders from coffee shop to coffee shop. 



Michael Powell

Date:sam 4 mai, 2019
Durée: 1 heure
Langue: anglais
Début:Carling O-Train Station
Fin:Bayview Station
Quartier:Preston St./Little Italy
Distance:1.75 kms

The walk will follow paved sidewalks and pathways.  


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