Iconic Buildings Walk

The coming of the LRT in Ottawa has prompted the development of condo towers along the route. The increase in density in the downtown area is generally welcomed, and it does make sense to put these new residences near the LRT. But there are a few areas where the number of new towers planned is particularly intense.  Preston Street in Little Italy is one of those areas, with two tall towers being built near the Dow's Lake end of the street and possibly more planned for the area. 

This walk will look at a range of issues, ranging from the suitability of the local geology and geography to the construction of tall buildings to the changes large buildings will bring to the local neighbourhood and social fabric resulting from increased population and density.

What effects will the presence of these buildings have on the local environment?  What problems and opportunities will the residents have on the neighbourhood as they move into their new homes?  How will Little Italy adapt?   Will the community have difficulty integrating many new residents in a short time, or will the social network and cultural values of Little Italy embrace the newcomers and emerge even stronger? 

Everyone will have something to contribute to this discussion!

Carte indiquant le point de départ

We will gather at the entrance to the Carling O-Train station, just north of Carling between Preston and Champagne Sts.  From there, we will walk east on Carling to Preston, north on Preston to Adeline, across to Booth, and then north to Gladstone, ending at St. Anthony's Church. 

Au sujet du guide

Luciano immigrated to Ottawa from Italy in 1966.  He settled in Little Italy and raised his family there.  He served the co-chair of the citizen's association in Dalhousie Ward (Ward 4), and one of his responsibilities in this position to give walking tours of Little Italy to the City Planners.

He has 35 years of experience as a buildings operator, and he has also worked in construction of commercial and residential buildings.

Luciano is passionate about the ideas and advice of Jane Jacobs, and is an enthusiastic supporter of Jane's Walk. He has been a walk leader for Jane's Walk Ottawa-Gatineau since it began in 2008. 


Luciano Pradal

Date:sam 4 mai, 2019
Durée: 1 heure
Langue: anglais
Début:Carling O-Train Station
Fin: 427 Booth St (at Gladstone)
Quartier:Dow's Lake
Distance:1.0 km

The route will follow city sidewalks and paved paths. 

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A Monopoly hotel skyscraper overshadowing an ordinary house.
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