Cycling Infrastructure: Intersection Design To Save Lives

Keeping cyclists safe from cars and trucks is an important function of urban cycling infrastructure.  In recent years, the City of Ottawa has been taking great strides in designing intersections that are safe for a mix of cyclists and cars.  They've become a leader in building protected intersections for cyclists.

In this video, Patrick and Jasmine discuss how intersections shared with motor vehicle traffic can pose a danger to cyclists, what and they interview transportation engineer Matthew Pinder to learn more about how changes to the design of intersections can make cycling safer.

Video:    Cycling Infrastructure: Intersection Design

This video is one of several posted on Oh the Urbanity's YouTube channel, which you can find here



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Oh the Urbanity or Patrick and Jasmine as they're individually known, have been creating YouTube videos about urban life in Canada since July 2020, combining cityscapes and demographic data. They explore urbanism topics and more generally promote urban life and highlight changes that can be made to increase  walkability and bike-friendliness of Canadian cities.  Oh the Urbanity hosts a YouTube channel.

Matt Pinder is an Ottawa-based transportation engineer.  He led an in-person walk for Jane's Walk 2022 about the transitway that originally ran through the Greenboro development in Ottawa South, why it was decommissioned, and what became of it.  You can find more of his commentary on his blog

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