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This walk was apparently the second instalment of a series on Brutalist architecture.  The tour was through downtown Ottawa, which is rich in examples of brutalism. The tour was organized by Heritage Ottawa and led by Sarah Gelbard, who at the time of this walk was a Ph.D. candidate in Urban Planning at McGill University and editor of Spacing Ottawa.  

Claude's photos include both exteriors and some interiors of the buildings.  It's worth a look just to see a great photo of the bronze doors at the NAC.

Sarah has led walks on a similar topic for Jane's Walk, including one for 2022 called Concrete Utopias.  She continues to explore how we shape our cities and how our cities shape us.

Claude and Sarah's virtual tour of Brutalism (or click the green button above right)

An article on Brutalism by Sarah Gelbard


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Claude Jobin is a realtor in Ottawa.  He went on a Heritage Ottawa walk led by Sarah Gelbard that focused on Brutalist architecture, and put together this photo journal, which he posted on his website. 

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