BIKE TOUR: Riveting Rivers — The evolving role of our waterways in city-building

Photo:  Rideau Falls

Pump up your bike tires and join me for this year’s Jane’s Walk … on a bike! Our ride—on dedicated bike paths—will start at the Rockcliffe Pavilion on the Ottawa River, continue to the Rideau Falls, and end at the Adawe Crossing over the Rideau River at the former Rideau Tennis Club. Along the way, we will be joined by three special expert guests who will remind us of the key roles the rivers have played in our city’s history and evolution, and who will point to exciting developments that will allow us to better appreciate and enjoy their beauty. 

Carte indiquant le point de départ

 We will start our ride at the Rockcliffe Pavilion, stopping along the way at the Rideau Falls, and ending our tour at the newly renovated Rideau-Sports Center.

Since this is a bike tour, please come equipped.  Thank you for bringing your helmet to ensure your safety.

Rideau River From Adawe
Photo:  The Rideau River from Adawe Crossing

Au sujet du guide

Tobi Nussbaum is the City Councillor for Rideau-Rockcliffe Ward. He has called Ottawa home since 1996, when he came here to join the Canadian Foreign Service, the beginning of a long career in public service   In his spare time, he enjoys cross-country skiing, hiking, racquet sports, and can also be found sitting on his front porch, coffee and latest city-making book in hand. 

Tobi's website is


Tobi Nussbaum

Date:sam 5 mai, 2018
Durée: 1 heure
Langue: anglais
Début:Rockcliffe Pavillion
Fin:Adawe Crossing
Distance:5.0 kms

This 'walk' is a bike tour!  The ride will follow paved multi-use paths, as well as stone dust paths along the river.

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