Bayshore Park Community Garden & Oven

Photo:  The Bayshore Park woodburning oven in operation. 

Bayshore Park has a community garden and an outdoor wood-burning oven.   During the three years since it began its operation, the community oven has grown to be a gathering place for wood-fired cooking enthusiasts and people from diverse culinary traditions. The oven is a hub of diverse community activities, such as pizza-making workshops, educational initiatives for children, youth camps, story-telling of personal and cooking histories, making authentic street foods from across the globe, and more.  All residents of Ottawa are eligible to be part of the oven operator team (note that you have to be trained in the use of the oven and related safety practices). Everyone is welcome to join in for the free community bakes, use the dough and simple ingredients to make their own pizzas – or bake food they bring.

As in all community bakes, the oven team will have the simple ingredients to make Pizza Marinara and Pizza Margherita – they will do some demonstration baking, you will get to make your own pizzas and share the samples with your neighbours.  Come and discover this unusual community resource. 

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Meet at the oven in Bayshore Park.  The entrance to Bayshore Park is at 175 Woodridge Crescent, Ottawa.    Enter through the parking lot near the field house, and follow the path to the right between the basketball courts and the softball diamond.   Continue along the path until you see the raised garden beds. The oven is beside the path just beyond the gardens. 

Bayshore Community Oven

You can learn more about the Bayshore Park community gardens and oven on their Facebook page

Au sujet du guide

Mete Pamir has been a resident of the Bayshore community for 18 years, and is a volunteer with the Bayshore Park Commumity Garden and Oven.  He has been the one of the leads of the community oven project since its inception in 2014. He has been an amateur baker for over twenty years, and an urban farmer for the last five years.

Tom Marcantonio is a food security activist with over forty years' experience growing food crops in Ottawa. He advocates for organic urban food production and teaches people how to build gardens, green houses, and bake-ovens to grow and prepare food.

The purpose of the Bayshore Park Community Garden and Oven is to promote, create, and maintain community gardening and bake oven activities in Bayshore Park and to encourage involvement in the betterment of the community. 

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Mete Pamir & ................................Tom Marcantonio et Tom Marcantonio

Date:sam 5 mai, 2018
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Début:Bayshore Park Bake Oven
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The oven is located in a flat paved area, reached by a paved pathway.  The oven and the picnic tables around are fully accessible.

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