Hintonburg: Experimentation in a living neighbourhood

Photo:  Former premises of Beyond the Pale Brewery on Hamilton St.

"To see complex systems of functional order as order, and not as chaos, takes understanding. The leaves dropping from the trees in the autumn, the interior of an aeroplane engine, the entrails of a dissected rabbit, the city desk of a newspaper, all appear to be chaos if they are seen without comprehension. Once they are understood as systems of order, they actually look different." —Jane Jacobs (of course).  

Explore Hintonburg with an eye on the importance of experimentation and re-purposing space to empowering people in a functional neighbourhood. We'll talk about some key concepts in Jane Jacobs' theory, the history of Hintonburg, how flexibility contributes to the vitality of the neighbourhood, and how all of this can shape the way we see the successes and challenges that have helped make Hintonburg what it is today. We'll begin at the old location of Beyond the Pale Brewery and walk through the heart of Hintonburg, making stops at few businesses and spots of note along the way. I hope you'll join in the discussion so that we can learn more about this neighbourhood together. We’ll finish the walk at the new location of Beyond the Pale and Art-Is-In Bakery. Walkers are invited to join me (if they’re so inclined) to continue the conversation over a drink or two, or to just unwind at a great local business. 

Carte indiquant le point de départ

We will start at 5 Hamilton Ave N outside of the original location of Beyond the Pale Brewery.  From there, we'll walk down Wellington St with a few stops and maybe short detours, then finish at City Centre (250 City Centre Ave) outside of the new location of Beyond the Pale (Bay 106). 

There is one obstacle to accessibility along our route.  To get from Somerset down to City Centre, we have to travel through an underpass (now closed to car traffic) that is not totally groomed for pedestrian use.  It should be fine for anyone with a little less mobility, and we will have two marshals will be available to help anyone who needs some extra support.

Au sujet du guide

Janet Bufton moved to the South Keys area of Ottawa from Windsor, Ontario in 2011.  Shortly afterward, she became interested in the work of Jane Jacobs, reading all of her books and roping several Jane Jacobs scholars into joining her in the endeavour. Since then she’s organized an academic conference on Jacobs’ works, encouraged students to read Jacobs’ work, and delivered a public talk on misperceptions about Jacobs’ work. 

Janet believes that Jacobs’ economics give us important tools for understanding not only great cities but also small towns, and the ways that vibrant and diverse communities form the heart of economic and cultural problem-solving. Janet loves good food and drinks and learning about cities by walking their neighbourhoods. She has degrees in economics and public policy and works as a program coordinator for the educational charity The Institute for Liberal Studies.   She is also a copy editing and research consultant in Ottawa. 


Janet Bufton

Date:sam 5 mai, 2018
Durée: 1 heure
Langue: anglais
Début:5 Hamilton Ave North
Fin:City Centre
Distance:2.0 kms

The walk will follow city sidewalks, with the exception of the underpass described under Route.  

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