Lindenlea: An original Garden City

Photo:  Lindenlea Houses

As one of Canada’s first planned community, Lindenlea offers a fascinating insight into early 20th century urban planning. Designed by British architect and pioneer Thomas Adams, Lindenlea contains a rich assembly of public lands, winding roads and street-oriented homes intended to maximize interaction among neighbour and ensure a community with high social capital. Many principles of the New Urbanism movement can be found in this unique community built on the lands of the Canada Lands Company in 1919. 

Joining us to share their insights and knowledge will be an architectural historian, a heritage conservationist, and local experts who will offer their take on this interesting nook of Ottawa to which Jane Jacobs would have given a thumbs-up.

Carte indiquant le point de départ

Meet at the southwest corner of Lindenlea Park, near the intersection of Middleton Drive & Lindenlea Road.  From there, we'll walk south on Ridgeway to Rideau Terrace, turn east on Rideau Terrace,  left onto Lambton and left again onto Rockcliffe Way. We will make our way west on Lindenlea Rd and circle back on Elmdale, returning to the park for snacks and refreshments.   The diagram below shows the intended route. 

Lindenlea Route

Au sujet du guide

Tobi Nussbaum is City Councillor for Rideau-Rockcliffe  and an urban planning enthusiast.

Victoria Angel is interested in policies and tools that address not just the physical fabric of historic places, but also the complex processes that link people and culture to place. She is committed to exploring integrative approaches to heritage conservation and urban development.

The heritage and architecture experts providing assistance are: : 

Inderbir Riar is a professor in architecture at Carleton University and an architectural historian. He explores ways in which architects and bureaucrats have imagined the modern metropolis as producing ideal citizenries. He will be talking about Ebenezer Howard and the Garden City Movement.

Jeff Murray is a Lindenlea resident whose avocation is community building.   Jeff eagerly shares his enthusiasm for the neighbourhood, and the story of how one of Canada's first social experiments in urban design has nurtured this flourishing micro-hood for 100 years. The perils faced by Lindenlea are uppermost in his mind.


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Date:sam 6 mai, 2017
Durée: 1 heure
Langue: anglais
Début:Lindenlea Park
Distance:1.0 km

Lindenlea Park is grassy; the remainder of the walk will follow city streets and sidewalks. 

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