CANCELLED—Turtles at Petrie Island

We are very sorry to have to cancel this walk.  Because of the high rainfall, the Ottawa River is very high, and the island is flooded.   Please join us next year for a walk to see the Petrie Island turtles.  

Note:  This walk will go ahead only if the water level of the Ottawa River recedes sufficiently.  As of Apr 22, the island is completely under water.   Please check the website after May 3 to confirm that conditions will permit us to go on the island. 

This year's walk on Petrie Island will focus on the turtles living here and the work being done to protect turtle habitat on the island and in the surrounding wetlands. We'll be viewing basking turtles and turtle nesting sites.

Learn more about the turtles and turtle habitat of Petrie Island at, including a charming slideshow by Jim Robertson featuring the Petrie Island turtle population.

Petrie Island 2012 Turtle Hatchling 1

Photo: A tiny hatchling turtle from the beach at Petrie Island, Jane's Walk 2013.  

Carte indiquant le point de départ

The tour route is along trails and beaches on Petrie Island. The route is over flat terrain, but there are some sandy parts. There may be some muddy areas and standing water, depending on the weather leading up to the Jane's Walk weekend.  

Participants are encouraged to wear hiking boots or sturdy walking shoes that are suitable for soggy terrain, as there may be some flooding on the island. We will change the route to avoid floodwater, but there may be some wet and muddy spots to cross.

Au sujet du guide

Al is Chairman of the Friends of Petrie Island, who are dedicated to preserving this unique natural area and ensuring that the turtle population is protected from human activities at Petrie Island.  Visit their website at


Al Tweddle

Date:ven 5 mai, 2017
Durée: 1 heure
Langue: anglais
Début:Petrie Island Nature center, <p>............................north end of Trim Rd, Orleans
Distance:2.0 kms

The route includes unpaved trails, sandy beaches, and muddy patches, all of which would be challenging for scooters and wheelchairs.

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Turtle basking at Petrie Island.
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