The Poets' Pathway in the Sawmill Creek Constructed Wetlands

Photo:  One of the stormwater ponds along the Sawmill Creek wetlands.  
(Photo courtesy of Jane Moore.)

This is the seventh Jane’s Walk for The Poets’ Pathway!   Together with Donna Silver, the Poets' Pathway will take you to the Sawmill Creek Constructed Wetlands, located alongside the Airport Parkway, near that infamous (but graceful) pedestrian/bicycle bridge! Our twelfth plaque is here, as The Poets' Pathway continues its work to connect the green spaces of the city. The area is beautiful in all seasons, with its wildlife, tall grasses, swaying wildflowers, flowering vines, and curving ponds. It is an area of surprising loveliness and serenity in the noise of the city.  See the boat launch, watch ducks or a heron, and find our latest beautiful plaque along the path. You will learn how, why, and when these wetlands were constructed, hear a few poems about Ottawa by our celebrated national poets, and hear of the latest plans for the area. 

We invite you to tell your own stories and read a poem of your choice (by you or someone else) aloud on the walk. Things you might like to bring along: a poem to share and any stories you know of the area before or after the ponds were built. If you have any knowledge of the flora and fauna of the woods, bring that too! 

We will walk to the Poets' Pathway's newest plaque, unveiled Nov. 18, 2015. The plaque is on a lovely limestone rock by a stream, and the plaque includes the poem 'October,' written by one of the few woman poets of her time, renowned musician Susie Francis Harrison. 

Carte indiquant le point de départ

The walk will go south from Walkley Station through the constructed wetlands along the bike path, and then back again to the station.  

We will meet on the Southbound platform of the Walkley Transitway Station.  If you drive out, you can park in the shopping plazas at Bank St. & Walkley.  Walk west from the parking lot to Walkley Station, then take the stairs or the elevator to the Southbound platform.  Alternatively, take transit or ride your bike right to the station!

Wear sturdy walking shoes and clothing suitable for the weather.  Remember to bring water and sunscreen.

Au sujet du guide

Donna has been active for many years in the development of these Storm Water Management Ponds. She lived in the area for a decade, and knew erosions were becoming a threat to some houses along the creek. She was on the founding board of City Stream Watch, a project concerned about the visible threats to the wildlife, fish, birds, and humans.

Ben will talk about the Pathway's interest in the green connections of this area, and the significance of the spot where we placed the plaque. 

You can find out more about the Sawmill Creek Constructed Wetlands here:  
general    photos and bike path   scientific doc.    
You can learn more about the Poets' Pathway at


Donna Silver & Ben Glossop et Ben Glossop

Date:sam 7 mai, 2016
Durée: 1 heure
Langue: anglais
Début:Southbound platform of Walkley Station
Quartier:Walkley/South Keys
Distance:3.0 kms

There is an elevator on Walkley to the platform.  The path is a standard paved Ottawa bike trail. 

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