Montreal Road Treasures

Come and join us!  This walk will visit a range of entities that function side-by-side in the heart of Vanier, which each contribute to making this stretch of Montreal Road one of the most vibrant places in Ottawa. Interesting speakers showcasing some of our many social community treasures on Montreal Road. 

We will hear from: 

  • the Francophone Centre (Marier Ave) 
  • the Freedom Centre (265 Montreal Rd), where we will hear about the programs and history 
  • Quatier Vanier BIA (287 Montreal Rd), where we will hear about the initiatives of the Vanier BIA and how Vanier has been changing recently
  • the Wabano Centre  (299 Montreal Rd). where we will hear a welcome song and talk on the many services and programs offered at Wabano
  • Qhelque Chose Patisserie (274 Montreal Rd), a new business on Montreal Rd, where we will see their beautiful macaroons and hear why Vanier is a great place to do business
  • our city councilor Mathieu Fleury will explain the process of new development our area
  • the Vanier Community Services Centre (290 Dupuis St), where we will hear about their programs and services.  
Carte indiquant le point de départ

The walk will begin at the Francophone Centre, 270 Marier Ave.  From there, we will go east on Montreal Rd stopping at the various points of interest until we reach the Wabano Centre, where we will cross the street and return along the south side of Montreal Rd. to Dupuis.  We'll turn south on Dupuis for half a block to get to the Vanier Community Services Centre, where the walk ends.

Au sujet du guide

Tina Delaney and Suzan Proulx have been Co-Chairs of Embellissment Vanier Beautification for several years and are active community members in Vanier.   They are both interested in beautifying Vanier to make it a pleasant place to live, as well as going beyond flower boxes, park gardens, and murals to help it develop as a vibrant social and commercial area.  


Tina Delaney & Suzan Proutx et Suzan Proulx

Date:sam 7 mai, 2016
Durée: 1 heure
Langue: anglais
Début:The Francophone Centre, 270 Marier Ave.
Fin:Vanier Community Services Centre, 290 Dupuis St.
Distance:1.0 km

The walk will follow city sidewalks.  

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