Artistic Celebration of Jane Jacobs from the Anishinaabe People

Photo:   Some of the items that will be on display. 

First Nations artist Doreen Stevens, Animitagize Odaying, will offer an introduction to Anishinaabe culture through story-telling and art.  She will talk about the Anishinaabe creation stories, the role of the approaching strawberry moon, and the importance of water as the lifeblood of Mother Earth.  Doreen will show and discuss a number of Algonquin cultural items, particularly around connecting to the culture through art and artistic expression. There may be an opportunity (weather conditions permitting) to release some paper lanterns over the river.

Joining Doreen is her daughter Charlotte, who has been designing a traditional Anishinaabe collar or yoke with beading and painting to celebrate the work of Jane Jacobs especially for Jane's Walk. She will talk about how the yoke was made and what the design for Jane Jacobs signifies.

Carver Angus Alfred will show some of his small, delicate pieces in moose antler.

Carte indiquant le point de départ

The workshop will be held in the Ri deau Tennis Club.

The content and activities will be suitable for children. Participants are invited to bring strawberries to share, or a piece of cedar (the fan-shaped tip of the branch). Doreen will explain the meaning of these in Anishinaabe culture.

Eastern White Cedar 

Au sujet du guide

An Anishinaabe of the Kitigan Zibi, Quebec, Doreen is a visual artist and performer.  She has a large mosaic piece installed in the First Nation Art Garden at the Toronto Zoo.   She gives workshops and art instruction at the National Gallery as part of the Sakahàn International Indigenous Art program.  Doreeen is currently part of a team of artists working on public art for the Pimisi Station of the Ottawa  LRT, under mentorship of Algonquin artist Simon Brascoupe (Carleton University).  

Charlotte Stevens, whose spirit name is Akikwe (Four Winds Earth Woman), is a young Algonquin artist in Gatineau.  

Angus Alfred is a Mohawk artist who works in carving, mostly with moose antler.  


Doreen Stevens, Charlotte Stevens, & Angus Alfred et Charlotte Stevens

Date:sam 7 mai, 2016
Durée: 1 heure
Langue: anglais
Début:Rideau Tennis Club
Distance:0.0 kms

The walk will be held indoors at the Rideau Tennis Club. 

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