Art and Culture of Little Italy

Note:  the church will be needed for a funeral on Saturday morning, so the walk will not go inside the church.  The walk will meet in front of the church where we will discuss the history of the church and Guido Nincheri, and the walk will proceed from there.

This year we will begin at St. Anthony's Church, 427 Booth St. in Little Italy.   We will visit the interior of the church and view the frescoes and the windows that were created by Guido Nincheri, known as the “Michelangelo of North America.”  Nincheri decorated more that 200 churches in Canada and the US.  Other locations in Ottawa with examples of Nicheri's work include:  Notre Dame Basilica, St. Patrick's Basilica, Dominican College, and St. Theresa's Church.  St. Anthony's church celebrated its 100th Anniversary last year.

From St. Anthony's we will walk toward Preston Street to the Queensway underpass, where I will explain the murals and I'll talk a little bit about the southern end of Little Italy where Preston St. meets Carling Ave.  Great changes are foreseen for this area!

Finally, we will walk north on Preston street to Pasticceria Italiana  at 200 Preston St,  The owner Joe Calabro is a member of the Canadian Chefs Association and he will be more that happy to show us the famous “Cake Gallery!”

After this, participants will have many choices to experience a great lunch Italian Style!  Buon apetito!

Stained glass window at St. Anthony's Church, designed by Guido Nincheri.

Carte indiquant le point de départ

From St. Anthony's, we will walk west on Gladstone to Preston, and south to the Queensway underpass.  Then we will walk north to 200 Preston, where the walk will end.

Au sujet du guide

Luciano immigrated to Canada in 1966, and has lived in this neighbourhood ever since. He is a well-known walking tour guide of Little Italy. He is a long-time editor of Il Postino, the newspaper of the local Italian community. Luciano is proud of the contribution that the Italian community has made to the quality of life in Ottawa. He has been a walk leader for Jane's Walk Ottawa since it began in 2008.

Luciano is the author of Chronicles of an Ottawa Chestnut Lover.  A review of his book is online here.  "These chronicles capture the fleeting day to day experiences of Luciano Pradal and reminds us all to slow down and savour the chestnuts." —Dana Stephenson, Il Postino.


Luciano Pradal

Date:sam 3 mai, 2014
Durée: 2 heures
Langue: anglais
Début: St. Anthony’s Church, Booth & Gladstone
Fin:200 Preston St.
Quartier:Little Italy
Distance:2.0 kms

The walk will follow city sidewalks. There is a tall set of stairs leading to the Pasticceria Italiana, and the "Cake Gallery" is on the second floor.  (The walk will not be going into the church.)

Galerie d'images
Vitrail de l'église Saint-Antoine, conçu par Guido Nincheri.
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