'Foodies' Walk in Centretown

This walk will highlight some of the specialty food stores in our Centretown neighborhood on Gladstone Ave, between Kent & Percy.  These stores focus on selling local, organic and sustainable food. We love good food and we want to share our favorite stores in the neighborhood with you.  Some details on the shops we will visit are given below.

Please note:  Registration is required for this walk.  The host stores would like to know the number of participants, so they can be ready to welcome everyone.  Send email to daishiang (at) gmail.com if you are planning to attend.

The Stores

The Whalesbone Sustainable Oyster & Fish Supply:  "Whalesbone has been supplying the finest fresh and frozen seafood throughout Ottawa, and is the region's only 100 percent sustainable supplier."   Read:  www.thewhalesbone.com     View:  video

True Loaf Bread Company:   "True Loaf Bread Company is a family-run bakery offering delicious breads freshly baked daily in our shop at 573 Gladstone Avenue."   Read more:  www.trueloaf.ca

The Red Apron:  "The red apron uses ingredients from local farmers, producers and small family enterprises in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec."  Read more:   www.redapron.ca

Olympia Market:  Mr. Ghaudhary is a butcher of specialty meats and he has been in the meat business for over forty years. He started when he took over a meat store in Vanier in 1972, then he moved to Centretown on Bronson Ave at Arlington in 1984. He is in the present location since 1999. He is an old fashioned butcher, he has no packaged meat for sale. You order on the spot any quantity you want and wait for him to cut for you or you can order ahead. His meats are from local farmers and he sells all types of customize meat cuts.  Mr. Ghaudhary has the best halal meat in the region, people comes from near and far to get their meat. He also sells some rare specialty meats.  Did you know that halal meat is not all cut the same way? Different countries have different halal meat cuts.

Carte indiquant le point de départ

We will meet at Whalesbone, 504a Kent Street. We will walk north on Kent St. and west on Gladstone Ave. to True Loaf Bread Company 573 Gladstone Ave.). After that, we will cross the street to Red Apron (564 Gladstone) and finally walk west to Olympia Market (590 Gladstone).

Au sujet du guide

Shiang Dai and Mark Farren have lived in this neighborhood for thirty years. They believe in keeping Centretown vibrant and lively. They have been active in helping keep the neighborhood safe for children and adults. This area is a bustling neighborhood and they are pleased to promote and encourage these small neighborhood stores.


Shiang Dai & Mark Farren et Mark Farren

Date:sam 3 mai, 2014
Durée: 1 heure
Langue: anglais
Début:Whalesbone, 504a Kent Street
Fin:590 Gladstone Ave
Distance:1.0 km

The walk will follow city sidewalks, but there are few steps to get into the stores.

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Whalesbone, interior of shop.
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