Centretown Garden Gems make Connections

Jane Jacobs asserted in her book title that “Downtown is for People.” Centretowners commemorate Jane Jacobs and her now widely-accepted views that cities are for people to connect, for dwellings with chairs on porches, for sidewalks with benches to rest and chat, for greenspaces, and for walking. Centretown is not solely for pavement and cars. Because of small lots our small gardens are very much a part of the streetscape and the connections we make. What better way to connect with people than to walk and to view these gardens.

Peony with ladybug

Please join us in a leisurely one hour stroll through Centretown, admiring the many varieties of seven small garden gems and meeting the people who make them happen. Each garden is a beauty with a greater purpose: gardens are powerful health-enhancers and people-connectors in many different ways.

The stops will include two very different guerrilla gardens, one on a boulevard on Argyle St. and the other at the Elgin St. entrance to St. Luke’s Park. The more formal garden belongs to the apartment at 407 Elgin; it is arguably the most beautiful on Elgin St. Three very different community gardens are represented: one at 125 McLeod, the Victory Garden within Beaver Barracks, and the floral garden on the south side of the Jack Purcell Community Centre. Lastly is the Earthcare Garden featuring all native plants on the north side of Elgin St. School. In between we shall look at how the space available from building setbacks can be cared for, or not, as greenspaces. How does this affect the streetscape?

What other features enhance the public pleasure and use of a greenspace?

Just show up!  Wear your walking shoes, clothing appropriate for the weather and definitely a smile for Jane. Note that just as we finish the walk at 125 McLeod, they will be setting up a Good Food Market at which you will find free refreshments.

Carte indiquant le point de départ

We will walk west on Gladstone, north on Elgin, west on Gilmour, south on Metcalfe,  We'll cross the Museum grounds to Argyle, then go east on Argyle,  and north on Elgin, returning to our starting point.  You can download a .pdf version of the route map here.

Centertown Garden Gems Route2014

Route of walk

Au sujet du guide

The walk is organized by the Trees & Greenspaces Committee of the Centretown Citizens Community Association.

The Centretown Trees and Greenspace Committee praises the owners who enhance the streetscapes with something more interesting than grass. Gardeners make connections as they work; gardens make connections always. As a member of the Committee I applaud these connections for making a more beautiful, diverse, and stronger community.


Bonnie Mabee

Date:sam 3 mai, 2014
Durée: 2 heures
Langue: anglais
Début:125 Mcleod (Mcleod & Cartier)
Distance:2.0 kms

The walk will follow city sidewalks and paved pathways.  At one crossing we cross from one sidewalk to another where there are no kerb cuts.

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