Activities to survive social distancing

Getting bored with hanging around the house?  Need to keep two or three kids entertained while we wait out the coronavirus?  Want a diversion for the adults in your family?  Running out of ideas? 

The Glebe Neighbourhood Activities Group has compiled a list of indoor activities for adults, children, and seniors.  The possibilities include cooking and baking treats, such as bread-in-a-bag, wacky cake, and banana muffins, drawing classes, origami, indoor games, where to get take-out in the Glebe, podcasts for all ages, and much more.   A neighbourhood treasure hunt is described under Outdoor Activities for Children.  The treasure hunts listed there when the Jane's Walk virtual activity was set up were over, but they may post some more as the social distancing continues.  The treasure hunts are a co-operative activity devised to respect social distancing requirements.  

The link below will take you to the GNAG covid-19 updates and activities page.  Look down the list to find Indoor Activities for Children, Indoor options for Adults, On-line Classes, and so on.   Click on the '+' to exand any item and see the options.  

Updates and Activities     The list is just a starting point.  Get inspired and have fun!  

Some of the options have links leading to other sites; others offer ideas about where you might find activities and diversions  right at home.  The on-line classes offer Zoom links you can use to join in one of GNAG's classes. 

Instructions on how to join on-line classes:

Go to Updates and Activities.  Click on the '+' for ONLINE Classes for all ages (second line in the list).  Instructions are given there for how to join the Zoom session for each class. 

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The Glebe Neighbourhood Activities Group (GNAG) is a volunteer run not-for-profit community group that works within the Glebe Community Centre in the heart of the Glebe (Ottawa). Find out more about their history here.

GNAG's mission is to enrich our community by delivering recreational, cultural, and social activities and services.


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GNAG logo. Screenshot of some of the videos available from the Canadian Museum of Nature.  Find in the GNAG list under Educational Resources. Bread-in-a-bag Screenshot of the home page for PBS Kids.   Find in the GNAG list under Educational Resources. Wacky cake, from the GNAG indoor activities for kids, cooking activity.