Just, Healthy, and Sustainable Neighbourhoods

Note:  This is an in-person walk, scheduled for the September festival:  go to the September page.

Ottawa has a low population density compared to many great cities, and in order to take the climate crisis, as well as the housing and homelessness emergency seriously, we need to stop urban sprawl and intensify.

With the update of Ottawa's Official Plan, developers are pushing hard for more developments to be allowed in the far-flung suburban areas.  Instead, we must improve existing neighbourhoods, prioritize affordable housing near rapid transit stations, and create 15-minute neigbhourhoods, filled with healthy streets.

The area around Main Street in Old Ottawa East is a good example of where increased density can benefit an existing neighbourhood.  A new community centre is coming soon, made possible partly because of a new development.

Land across the Rideau River near Hurdman Station is ripe for affordable housing; now, the community must unite behind this vision of a better Ottawa, and ensure governments enact the needed policies and invest the necessary dollars to make it a reality.

We will have just, healthy, sustainable neighbourhoods, if we push for them.

Route:  We'll walk on Main Street, near the new Oblats development, and along the Rideau River.

About the walk leader

Trevor is a co-founder of Healthy Transportation Coalition, Ottawa Transit Riders, and Ecology Ottawa. He lives in Kanata South with his two children, and enjoys every opportunity he gets to hang around Main Street, one of Ottawa's first complete streets.


Trevor Haché

New mixed-use building at 145 Main St.