Name: Ben Glossop
Date: May 07, 2017
Time: 10:30 AM
Duration: 1.5 hr
Language: English
Start: Poets' Hill, Beechwood


End: At the main building
Area: Rockcliffe- Vanier
Distance: 1.5 km
There are islands of grass. minor slopes.

The Poets' Pathway in Beechwood Cemetery



This year, on our ninth Jane's Walk, we visit beautiful, historic Beechwood National Cemetery. Along our Poets' Pathway, we commemorate the Confederation Poets, our national poets, the young first artists to celebrate this new country, rock stars of their time; this visit to their final homes, in our sesquicentennial year, is to hear a little about each poet, and say, " hi; we remember you, we remember what you did; we thank you."

We will introduce Poet's Hill, inspect the Poets' Pathway plaque there, and then visit the burial sites of Bill Royds, Duncan Campbell Scott, Archibald Lampman, William Lett, and Wilfred Campbell. We will hear about each poet, read a poem by each. We will also look at the poem, "In Beechwood Cemetery" outside the main building. As well as the history of the poets, we will learn some history of the cemetery itself.

Bring drinking water, sunscreen if needed, and wear sturdy shoes and clothing appropriate for the weather. Also bring any stories you want to share about the cemetery or the poems. 

You can read more about the Poets' Pathway at


The walk will begin at the podium on Poets' Hill, which is in the first section on the left as you enter the cemetery.  After the introduction at Poets' Hill, we will walk around the cemetery to visit specific graves, ending at the main building. 


Jane and Ben have been working to create the Poets' Pathway for twelve years so far. Our fourteenth, and, ostensibly, final plaque will be unveiled Sept. 9, outside the James Bartleman Archives. This plaque celebrates Ottawa's first City Clerk, bard William Pittman Lett.