Name: Jennifer Stelzer
Date: May 06, 2017
Time: 10:30 AM
Duration: 1.5 hr
Language: English
Start: Marion Dewar Plaza, near the

....................... north entrance to City Hall

End: City Hall
Area: Centretown
Distance: 3.0 km

The walk will follow city sidewalks and paved paths. 

The View From Here—The Urban Landscape through varied lenses



Photo:  Intersection of Elgin & Laurier

We will walk through Ottawa's downtown and look at "conflict zones" and discuss how we all see the world from a different perspective. There will be a new theme at each stop:  transportation, public art, natural habitat, accessibility, and lifestyle.

I have a fascination with urbanism and how we as individuals interact with our built environment. We all have unique points of view of the same world and we must respect and understand one another to build a city that works for all.

My goals in leading this walk are to bring people together and build understanding in our community.


Meet at the entrance to City Hall from Marion Dewar Plaza, 110 Laurier Ave. (this is the entrance at the north side of City Hall).   

From City Hall, we will walk west on Laurier Ave. to Bank St., then north to Slater, west to Kent, north to Sparks, and east across Sparks back to Confederation Square.  From there,  we'll return to City Hall. 


Jennifer Stelzer currently works at EnviroCentre as the Community Outreach Coordinator. She has spent her life listening to the stories and challenges that people share with her.  With a geography degree in one pocket and hundreds of personal stories collected over the past decade in the other, Jennifer walks/bikes/drives through the urban landscape, questioning and pondering the role we all have to play in creating a fair and equitable place to live. 

Jennifer told us "I will lead the walk, but I want to encourage everyone to share their perspective!"