Name: Ray Sullivan, Debbie Barton, & Grame Hussey
Date: September 12, 2015
Time: 10:00 AM
Duration: 2.0 hr
Language: English
Start: 415 Gilmour St.
End: 464 Metcalfe St.
Area: Centretown
Distance: 1.5 km

The walks will follow city sidewalks and paved walkways. 

Building a Better City


Together with Jane’s Walk Ottawa, Centretown Citizens Ottawa Corporation (CCOC) is proud to present:

Building a Better City: How a group of hippies changed Centretown by creating a $243 million corporation.



Please note: This walk is free, but you need to register. Details below.

Photo:  Tenants and volunteers who came on our 2014 bus tour.  

Building a Better City is the 2015 edition of CCOC's annual tour. Each year, we’ve committed to getting outside to explore CCOC properties and the history of our community either by bus, bike or on foot. This year, we’re walking!

Walk leaders and marshals will guide participants on a tour of CCOC properties and Centretown, stopping to hear stories from various guest speakers along the way. We’ll talk about the history of affordable housing in Ottawa, where we are now, and where we hope to grow in the future. Learn more about your neighbours, and the movement that made Centretown’s residential neighbourhoods possible.

Everyone is invited to join us on September 12, 2015. There will be three walks to choose from, depending on how far you'd like to walk.  We’ll be meeting up in front of 415 Gilmour Street at 10 am before splitting off into three different groups. These groups will cover three different distances over an hour and a half — but we’ll all end at the same place, 464 Metcalfe Street. 

The walks will start at 10:30 am sharp, and we'll be walking rain or shine! 

Following the walks, we’re hosting a wrap-up party at 464 Metcalfe St. from 12:00 – 1:00 pm.  All welcome!  Drop by even if you can’t make it to the walking tour.

Register online or by calling CCOC’s Ccoc Graphic Small
Communications Officer, Erica Butler,
at (613) 234-4065, ext. 241.


Route Options:
•  1.5 km:   A nice short walk. You’ll get the stories without the distance. And we’ll take advantage of seating opportunities we find along the way.
•  2.5 km:   CCOC’s early days. This route explores our early days — from the first homes we bought to some of the first buildings we built. Find out about the determination of the committed community members who fought to save Centretown in the 1960s and 70s.
•  3 km:   A focus on growth. This route includes a baker’s dozen of CCOC-built apartment buildings. Hear about the exciting years of creating new homes — the risks, the politics, and the rewards.


Ray Sullivan is CCOC's Executive Director (1.5 km walk)

Debbie Barton is CCOC’s Rental Department Manager (2.5 km walk)

Graeme Hussey is CCOC’s Development Department Manager and President of CAHDCO (3 km walk) 

Centretown Citizens Ottawa Corporation (CCOC) is a community-based, tenant and member directed, non-profit housing organization whose mission is to create, maintain, and promote affordable housing in Ottawa.  Founded in 1975, CCOC has grown to over 50 properties, with a total of about 1,600 units, and is continually working to ensure each of these is environmentally sustainable.