Name: John Dance & Josh Kardish
Date: October 05, 2014
Time: 11:00 AM
Duration: 1.5 hr
Language: English
Start: The Grande Allée, 175 Main St.
End: same
Area: Old Ottawa East
Distance: 1.5 km

Generally, the walk will follow paved roads and walkways, but we will walk across some grassy fields to reach the river.  The route is not considered accessible for wheelchairs.

Wear sturdy footwear.  The fields may be uneven, and the grass is likely to be wet at this time of day.

Creating community through intensification of the Oblates' Lands



Photo:  View along the Grande Allee from Main St.

Ottawa’s undiscovered downtown neighbourhood is about to experience a metamorphosis. A rare, 12-hectare greenfield property in the city’s core will be transformed into a mixed-use area that will eventually include 900 new homes.

This walk will explore the intensification potential of the Oblate lands between Main Street and the Rideau River.  The site was recently purchased by the Regional Group, who have proposed a development they hope will fit with the community design plan guiding development in Old Ottawa East and with the city's intensification policy.  Building on the heritage and natural features of the property and the linkages to the existing community, the new development has the potential to be sustainably transformative.

Photo: Entrance to the Deschâtelet Building

Dechatelet Building  

Discussion will cover five aspects of the plan: the future of the treed Grand Allée and the forecourt of the historic Deschâtelets residence, the heritage-designated Deschâtelets building itself, the future of the “open space” along the river, the transformation of Main Street and the buildings along it, as well as an overview of the concept plan for the new community.

John and Josh will be joined by guest speaker David Renfroe of Domicile who will talk about how his company's development on the neighbouring Sisters of the Sacred Heart property will fit into the community's evolution. He'll speak to the history of the site, the key elements of Domicile's project (urban design and sustainability) and its public realm elements.


We will walk up the Grande Allée to the Deschâtelets building and continue on to the open space along the Rideau River.  We will also walk along Main St. as we consider what we may expect to find there when the project is complete.

Photo: Aerial view of Oblates' Land

Oblate Lands 2


John Dance is president of the Old Ottawa East Community Association.  Josh Kardish is manager of land development for Regional Group.