Name: Hillcrest students
Date: May 03, 2014
Time: 1:30 PM
Duration: 1.0 hr
Language: English
Start: Hillcrest High School, front lawn
End: same
Area: Smyth Road
Distance: 2.0 km
The route is accessible throughout.

Hawks Walk: exploring the Hillcrest High School Community



Hillcrest High School

Hillcrest High School students will lead walkers through their neighbourhood, highlighting stories and landmarks along their routes to school. Walkers will also hear about school clubs and programs, with a focus on the diverse experiences of our school’s population. At stops along the way, walkers will be joined by representatives of Hillcrest's Rainbow Club (Gay-Straight Alliance) and Impact Club to share their work and experiences.


We'll meet on the front lawn of Hillcrest High School, 1900 Dauphin Road.  From there, we will walk along Smyth Road and through a neighbourhood park to Russell Road. From there, we'll go along Russell along to Smyth Road near Elmvale mall, then down Hamlet Road and back to Hillcrest High School again.

The route of the walk
Hillcrest High Walk Map

Download a copy of this map here.


As students and teachers at Hillcrest High School, we are proud of the diversity within our community, and we want to celebrate and showcase it! The walk will be led by students, many of whom are involved in the Ottawa Carleton District School Board’s International Certificate Program. With a focus on intercultural learning and understanding, the students feel a walk through the Hillcrest community will serve to foster an understanding and appreciation of who we are and how we learn from each another. 

Kristine Klassen is the advisor to the group of students presenting this walk.

Hillcrest High is on the web here.  You can find out more about the International Certificate Program here