Name: Mary McEwen Crook
Date: May 03, 2014
Time: 11:00 AM
Duration: 1.5 hr
Language: English
Start: 18 Third Ave.
End: same
Area: The Glebe
Distance: 2.0 km

There are some stairs and unpaved paths, but we can work around them if needed.  People are encouraged to dress for the weather and to wear sturdy walking shoes.

Nostalgic Glebe



The Glebe has many of the qualities of a village within the city.  This walk will focus on the history and character of this walkable neighbourhood, including its origins as a streetcar suburb and the mixed-use nature of the built environment. 

People are encouraged to bring stories and photos to share.


We'll make a large circuit through the eastern portion of the Glebe.  We'll go east on Third Avenue to the Driveway, south on the Driveway along the canal to Lansdowne Park, then make our way to Holmwood and walk along the north side of Lansdowne to Adelaide.  We'll take Adelaide north to Fifth Ave., then go over to Bank St. and walk north to Clemow, east alongside Paterson Creek to the Driveway, and back to Third Ave.


Mary has lived in the area since 1951, and is interested in local history.

Long time Jane's Walkers may recognize this starting point as being next door to John Leaning's house on Third Ave. John of course led a Jane's Walk of the southeast Glebe, which usually began on his porch.