Name: Barclay McMillan
Date: May 04, 2013
Time: 1:00 PM
Duration: 1.0 hr
Language: English
Start: St Luke's Church, Somerset at Bell
End: same
Area: Chinatown
Distance: 0.0 km
The parish hall is accessible to wheelchairs and walkers.

The Labyrinth at St Luke’s Church



Photo:  The Labyrinth by candlelight.

The labyrinth is an ancient pattern used to guide walking meditation. St Luke’s has a 28’ Petite Chartres seven-circuit labyrinth painted on the floor of the parish hall, where we have welcomed the community to “First Friday” evening meditation walks for the past six years. This event coincides with “World Labyrinth Day – Walk as One at 1” (, making it a community exploration and celebration at the local and global level, like Jane’s Walk. It permits us to extend an invitation at a time more convenient to many people.

  A team of volunteers, led by Dr McMillan and Canadian labyrinth expert Dr Vanessa Compton, installed the labyrinth in 2007.  We are “a-mazed” and delighted to have sustained this ministry to the community for so long!  The big street sign always attracts people from the neighbourhood, and they always come away calm and refreshed from the labyrinth experience.

St Luke’s is planning a renovation this summer that includes the installation of a laser-cut marmoleum labyrinth on the floor of the sanctuary upstairs! This will allow many new possibilities for collaborations between the labyrinth ministry and the music, art, education, and outreach programs at St Luke’s.


The Labyrinth is indoors at St. Luke's. Participants will be given an opportunity to walk the Labyrinth.


For the past twenty years, through the various workshops offered by his company, Voice Emergent, Barclay has been creating opportunities for people to experience the empowerment and life transforming potential of the singing voice.  His web site is