Name: Barry Padolsky
Date: May 03, 2014
Time: 11:00 AM
Duration: 1.0 hr
Language: English
Start: Byward Market Building, South Entrance
End: same
Area: Byward Market
Distance: 1.0 km

The walk will follow city sidewalks. 

The Byward Market: Inside Stories of Heritage Conservation



The walk will complete a circuit in the Market area that will take us past a number of buildings that have been restored or adapted for new uses and inhabitants.  In the market, these include the ByWard Market Building where we begin, as well as the Mercury Court and the CHUM Tower. We will also pass by the former Memories Restaurant at 7 Clarence St. that the NCC has plans to demolish.


The route will take us north on William St, west on Clarence, south through Jeanne d'Arc Courtyard to York St, east to ByWard Market Square, and back to the Market south entrance where we started.   See illustration.


Barry Padolsky is an Ottawa-based architect, urban designer, and heritage consultant.  His firm has carried out more than 50 restoration and adaptive re-use projects on heritage buildings nationally.  Examples in Ottawa include the Museum of Nature, the Byward Market Building, and  the reconstruction of the former Ogilvy's Department Store 1908 facades.   Barry is a tireless advocate for the preservation of our built heritage, and has been appointed as co-chair of the city's Built Heritage sub-committee.