Name: Roman Popadiouk
Date: May 03, 2014
Time: 12:30 PM
Duration: 1.0 hr
Language: English
Start: The Arboretum, In front of building #72
End: same
Area: Dow's Lake/Experimental Farm
Distance: 3.0 km

Some paths we will take are paved, some are unpaved, and we may be walking on the grass. There may be some stairs.

The Arboretum at Central Experiment Farm



Come walk with Roman Popadiouk to celebrate the heritage collection of trees at the Arboretum at the Central Experimental Farm. The Aboretum is the national historical site which displays a wide range of well-established trees and shrubs, some dating back to 1889 --- the date the Aboretum was established. Many of the trees and shrubs planted in 1889 are now among the largest specimens of their respective species in Canada. 


The walk will follow a circuit through the Arboretum. 


Roman Popadiouk is one of the curators of the Arboretum and also co-author with Richard Hinchcliff of For the Love of Trees:  A Guide to Ottawa's Central Experimental Farm Arboretum, a guidebook to the trees and history of the Arboretum.