2017—Jane's Walk Ottawa-Gatineau

La Promenade de Jane d'Ottawa-Gatineau

Jane's Walk Ottawa-Gatineau is now in start-up mode!  Dates are Saturday & Sunday, May 6 & 7.  We invite you to lead a walk for this year's event.  If you would like to lead a walk, or if you would like to get more information on leading a walk, please do one of the following: 

Check out our tips for developing a walk. 

L’organisation de La promenade de Jane d’Ottawa-Gatnieau est en marche ! Les dates de l’événement pour 2017 sont les samedi 6 mai et dimanche 7 mai. Si devenir le/la guide d’une promenade vous intéresse ou si vous souhaitez avoir plus d’informations avant de prendre cette initiative, veuillez entamer l’une des démarches suivantes : 

Note:  The map below is interactive, that is, you can zoom in or out and click on the locations to open the associated walk description.  Some walks may be outside the area that shows by default and others are stacked on top of each other. Play with the zoom to see the full range of walks! 



May 06, 2017 to May 07, 2017

French Walks

English Walks