Nom: Ian Capstick
Jour: mai 05, 2013
Heure: 3:00 PM
Durée: 1.0 hr
Langue: English
Départ: At the foot of the Peace Tower, Centre Block
Fin: Supreme Court of Canada, Wellington St
Quartier: Centretown/Parliament Hill
Distance: 2.0 km
The route will follow city sidewalks and paved walkways across Parliament Hill.

Parliament's Progress: a look towards the precinct of 2032



Photo: Parliament Hill

Parliament Hill is the precinct that for years dictated the development of the City of Ottawa, through both its physical location and the way it has shaped our city's real estate, job market, and image. It's an ever-changing landscape --- politically and physically --- on that bluff over the Ottawa River. This tour will attempt to explain how and why the precinct has developed as it has and the official plans for the future of the area up to 2032. Learn where new buildings will be placed and envisage how visitors might be welcomed to the Hill in a few years. We will stop by a few of the monuments along the way for some political anecdotes as well.


Our tour will start at the Peace Tower and move towards East Block, finally making its way west to the Supreme Court of Canada.


Ian Capstick is a long-time political assistant and amateur historian of the Parliamentary precinct. Giving tours of the interiors and exterior of the building has never been in Ian's official job description, but he always makes time to provide in-depth experiences for people visiting the buildings. A critic of the stale official programming on the Hill, Ian collects history of the buildings as it relates to historic events.