Nom: Rachel Tweedy & friends
Jour: mai 03, 2014
Heure: 10:30 AM
Durée: 1.0 hr
Langue: English
Départ: Entrance to Leslie Park near 23 Dayton Cr.
Fin: Leslie Park
Quartier: Leslie Park
Distance: 2.0 km

Walkers will need to go down a steep hill to the Graham Creek Bridge. They must also descend six steps, onto a gravel path. The route is accessible for strollers but if the ground is still wet from the thaw, wheelchairs and scooters are not recommended.

Celebrate Spring in Leslie Park



Playground in Leslie Park

This guided walking tour will include a walk along the newly refurbished path beside Graham Creek and discuss the neighbourhood's history and vegetation.


From our meeting place on Dayton Cres., we will cross the park and walk along Abingdon Drive, to Monterey Drive and the site of the original Leslie Family Farm House. After a discussion of the neighbourhood's development, the tour will take in views of Graham Creek from Baseline Road and return to Monterey Drive from the west entrance. Walkers will take a short path from Monterey Drive to Barnes Crescent, and cut along the Leslie Park schoolyard on a path along Graham Creek and return to the Park.


Longtime Leslie Park residents Jane O'Regan and Dave Mullington will be leading the history portion of the tour. They will discuss the Leslie Family, show us where the first farmhouse stood and discuss how the neighbourhood has evolved since development first began in the 1960s. The tour will follow Graham Creek along the newly refurbished footpath and Chris Schmidt and Nicole Lauro will discuss life in the creek, and existing plants (native vs. non-native) and trees in the neighbourhood.