Nom: Caroline Andrew
Jour: juin 02, 2013
Heure: 1:00 PM
Durée: 1.0 hr
Langue: English
Départ: Front steps of Tabaret Hall
Fin: Front entrance of the Social Sciences Building – 120 Université
Quartier: Sandy Hill
Distance: 1.0 km

The walk will be fully accessible.

The Social Sciences Building at the University of Ottawa and environmental sustainability



Photo:   Caroline Andrew in front of the 'Living Wall' in the Social Sciences Building.

This tour will highlight the advanced features of the newly constructed social sciences building at the University of Ottawa, particularly those aimed at environmental sustainability.  

The focus of the walk will be inside this building.  We will explore the interior, and will consider the location within the campus as well as the design leadership in reducing the 'ecological footprint' of the building.  We will view the principal architectural elements, such as the multi-storey Living Wall,  and see how could these combine environmental concerns with the goal to provide an efficient and attractive workplace.

LEED certification for the Social Sciences Building has been applied for.   What is LEED? 


We will meet on the steps of Tabaret Hall, and walk south to the Social Sciences building. Most of the tour will be inside the building.

Our starting point is intended to coordinate with the end point of Michel Prevost's walking tour of the University of Ottawa campus, so that those desiring to continue their exploration of the campus can join our tour of the new Social Sciences building.  The timing of the two walks leaves a half-hour break for a rest stop and snack at one of the nearby restaurants or coffee shops.  For instance, there is a Second Cup near Laurier and Cumberland, about half a block east of Tabaret Hall.  As well, participants might like to know that Michel Prevost will lead the same walk in the afternoon in French, starting at 2:30 pm, again meeting in front of Tabaret Hall.


Caroline Andrew is Director of the Centre on Governance at the University of Ottawa.  She is extremely interested in promoting links between the community and the University.  Consistent with her interest in opening up the university to the community, she thought it would be interesting to present the social sciences building as an example of University leadership on social, economic, cultural, and environmental objectives.