Nom: Ryan Saxby Hill & Katrina Marsh
Jour: mai 04, 2013
Heure: 2:00 PM
Durée: 1.5 hr
Langue: English
Départ: Dundonald Park, Somerset & Bay (SE Corner)
Fin: Somerset & Preston
Quartier: Chinatown
Distance: 1.0 km

The walk will follow city sidewalks.

Apt613 Blog Walk of Somerset



Photo:  The Chinatown Arch

Every year Apartment613 works with Jane's Walk Ottawa to give a tour of a neighborhood where we love to hang. We pull together some of the business owners we know (and some we want to know better) and we ask them the sorts of questions that we'd ask them if we were interviewing them for the blog. We drag a group of walkers from door to door listening in on the conversation. It's a neat opportunity to see a neighborhood close-up and meet some of the people that we think are making the city interesting.

This year we're focusing our walk on Somerset where it crosses Chinatown. We'll start at Dundonald Park and walk down to Preston street. We'll be making five or six stops along the way to introduce you to some of the personalities and products that make this one of my favourite parts of the city. We'll have special guests form the Chinatown BIA, Shanghai Restaurant, and the blog Foodieprints, too. It should be a really interesting time!

Meet us at Dundonald Park on Saturday, and we'll help you get to know Somerset a little bit better.


From Dundonald Park, we'll walk west along Somerset to Preston St. with stops along the way.


The walk leaders are editors from the Apt613 blog.